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Infinite ^PossiSidties 

Conestogan 2003 

<ECiza6ethto'wn CofCege 

OneJifpHa (Drive 

<ECiza6ethtou>n , <PA 1 7022 





'BoundCCess 'Memories 

SpeciaC Events 4-31 

EternaC 'Bonds 

ResicCenceLife 32-55 


'Promising Prospects 
Seniors 56-113 

Terpetuat 'Resources 

TacuCty & Staff 114-131 

T'imeCess gatherings 
Organizations 132-145 

(EverCasting 'Achievement S5 
Sports 146-181 

2 Ovenina 

Infinite TossibiCities 


ith a new Campus Center, the Brossman Commons, and the beginnings of a new academic and 
athletic year the possibilities are endless. The Class of 2006 begins their college career while the Class of 
2003 is planning their great farewell, athletes can make that winning goal or beat their biggest rival, and 
many seniors are planning what may be their last semester of classes at Elizabethtown and ideally their 
future. Many Etown students may leave to find their niche elsewhere, but their memory will last long 
after the year is over. As students forge their futures at Elizabethtown College, the friendships and 
memories are incomparable. The staff of the 2003 Conestogan is dedicated to capturing these events, 
from studying in the Blue Bean to a night of magic at the Junior Senior and a fun filled weekend at TGIS, 
long after they have become engraved in our minds. With the 2003 Conestogan, entitled Infinite 
Possibilities, the editors. Executive Board, and contributors want to remind everyone that we are full of 
possibility no matter where life takes us in our journey; however, we we will never be the same after our 
stop at Elizabethtown. 

~Deidra Crone 

Opening 3 

Sumo Wrestling kept 
everyone entertained in 
the Dell this year. 

Judy Cavanaugh and Stacey 
Hagaman in the best float 
for "Shakespeare in Love." 

The cast of "Godspell 
strike a pose. 

Tiffany Maue is 
proposed to at the 
Freshman Walk. 

Students dress their finest at the Junior 
Senior, this year the Eden Resort became 
a "secret garden". 

4 Speciai (Events 

\. (Boundfess 


As students began moving in they could be 
assured that their year at Etown would 
contain many fun filled events. It all begins 
with Homecoming and ends with TGIS 
weekend. Unfortunately some rain visited 
this year's activities, but it did not prevent 
parents, alumni, and friends from visiting and 
enjoying the day. Thanksgiving is a meal to 
look forward too, especially when your 
professor serves you. Winter Wonderland 
gives students a chance to relax before the 
stress of finals, and offers a true feeling of 
winter, especially since this year there was a 
coating of real snow outside. The FAPA 
Department also kept students busy either 
watching or acting in the many perfomances 
this year, while upperclassmen planned for a 
night in the Secret Garden at the Junior 
Senior formal. When students get bogged 
with work there is always Dell Day to look 
forward to. "We wanted this year's Dell Day 
to be more interesting and exciting than all 
the rest," said Dell Day planner. Stacey Toy. 
This year Remember Tomorrow, graced the 
Dell with their music. Finally, SWEET urged 
students to "Get Your Greek On" and despite 
the rain, events were planned from Battle of 
the Air Bands to Etown Star Search and Steve 
Taubman the hypnotist. "TGIS is one of the 
most talked about events when you come as a 
freshman, so it was my goal to make it really 
fun and jam packed weekend for everyone," 
says Jennifer Schooley. Wtih all these events 
Etown students are sure to form many 
boundless memories. 

-Kellianne Hopkins 

Syeciaf (Events 5 

Sadie Bair helps a future 
Founders resident on move- 
in day, one of the benefits of 
being a freshman! 

Melica performs for the 
incoming freshmen and 
their parents. 

Freshman students walk 
through the Brossman 
Commons for their first 
introduction to college 

6 Special Events 

\\ here do I slart? 

Taff Orientation 

Thursday. August 22. 2002, marked the beginning of 
a new era in the lives of over 400 recent graduates as 
they moved into Elizabethtown College. It was 
exciting, scary, and fun. "Moving in was exciting 
because it was the beginning of new friendships and 
opportunities." said Rebekah Miller. "I thought "I'm 
finally here, and my roommate is really cool,*" said 
Kristi Matias. While not as pleased with his first 
college experience, James Buck said. "I spent the 
whole weekend wandering around aimlessly because I 
didn*t know where I was going." 

The weekend was jam-packed with fun activities to 
partake in. Some of these included the Root Beer 
Kegger, the annual Freshman Walk, the Welcome Back 
dance, and the Freshman Induction candle light service. 

"I really enjoyed the root beer social, although all 
the ice cream was melted." stated Kara Osborn. The 
Freshman Walk is an experience no one will soon 
forget. "I had to propose to Kristen Bonini," stated 
Julian Harper. Others had to do things such as sing to 
street signs, trees, or cars, or propose to random 
upperclassmen. The Welcome Back dance was a 
delight to all who attended. "The dance had good 
music. My compliments to the DJ. I had a great time," 
exclaimed Erin Gough. 

We, the Class of 2006 are ready to begin our lives as 
a part of the Elizabethtown College community. We 
have had a good start and hope to enjoy the rest of our 
time here. We love Etown! 

-Brandee Simpson 

Special 'Events 

Bozho Todorich finds time 
during the Convocation 
ceremony to pose for a 

Dean Koogle officially 
welcomes the freshman class 
at the Induction Ceremony 
on the Dell. 

College President 
Theodore Long 
addresses upperclassmen 
and welcomes the newest 
members of the 

Before freshman become 
a part of the Etown 
family, they must do 
some embarrassing 
things during the 
Freshman Walk. 

8 Special 'Events 


Gene Clemens Ims an 
interesting conversation 

with his fellow 

Convocation and 

After moving in and meeting new friends, the Class 
of 2006 attended the Convoeation Ceremony with 
family as they prepared for their final goodbye of the 
day. The College honored the new students, 
upperclassmen. and faculty for their hard work and 
dedication to their field of study whether it be 
accounting, english or history. This year five 
professors were promoted and over 60 students were 
honored for their academic achievement. The current 
students and the new Etown family were reminded that 
Elizabethtown College is a dynamic campus with a 
diverse faculty and staff and a positive atmosphere for 
new and current students to grow with endless 

Inbetween book buying, registration, and other 
activities the freshmen were kept busy with peer 
mentors and new friends, while upperclassmen prepared 
for their upcoming semester and caught up with old 

The weekend concluded with a candle light service 
in the Dell to induct the freshmen. Tier Spellman said. 
"It's your first Etown experience. It's cool, yet scary 
because you don't really know anyone yet. I really 
liked the candle lighting." Chase Kulp was equally 
pleased. He said. "It is the first time the freshman class 
really comes together." 

Welcome to the Class of 2006! 

-Brandee Simpson 

Special ^Events 

The Etown Cheerleaders 
give the crowd a boost at the 
Homecoming Parade. 

Not even the rain could stop 
the crowd of students from 
buying their Homecoming 

Adam Brophy and 
Tarah Balkovic are 
Homecoming royalty for 

Students look their best 
as the "My Fair Lady" 
float rolls through the 
streets of Etow n. 

10 Special Events 

Students bare the 
elements and show their 
support at the annual 
soccer game, this year 
thi' men won 3-1 against 




Homecoming is an event that students look forward 
to each fall. It is time for alumni to return to the campus 
and reconnect with old friends and professors, and for 
parents to visit and see what their children have been 
doing since August. 

Cluhs prepare months in advance and pack the 
midway, celebrating the new academic year by 
advertising their organization and selling creative shirts, 
glasses, and even flowers. Departments use this 
weekend to celebrate milestones and anniversaries, or 
show off recent renovations and innovations. 

Even though Etown doesn't have a traditional 
homecoming with a football team, we reveled in the 
talent of our soccer team and cheered them on towards 
victory as they defeated York 3- 1 . 

Homecoming 2002 was much different from the past 
ones: with a dedication ceremony for the new Campus 
Center featuring a speech by president Theodore Long, 
a rainy midway packed into the gym, and a brief 
performance by the Elizabethtown College Concert 

Students took this time to meet up wth old friends. "I 
hung out with alumni and other students and had a good 
time." said senior Ashley Britcher. The annual 
Homecoming Parade was a success, as Sock and Buskin 
took first place with their Shakespeare in Love float. Joe 
Sahd particpated on the sophomore class court and 
"liked throwing lollipops at people." According to 
freshman Rienhold Messner, "It was cold, but still fun." 

Homecoming 2002 was wrapped-up by a ten-year 
reunion concert by Phalanx, in which old members 
came back to perform. Rest assure, all had a wonderful 
time even if it was a little soggy. 

-Beth Legner and Taylor Miller 

Special (Events 1 ; 

Amanda Rose Parks poses 
with M&M. 

Liz Fretz, Stephanie Stock, 
and Kelly Brooke are hard 
at work painting. 

A group of Etown 
students clean out Conoy 

students lend a helping 
hand to Adopt A 


12 Special (Events 

Student Senate member, 

Sadie Bair. helps mulch 
the l'un Fort. 

Into the Streets 

Along with Elizabethtown College's motto 
of '"Educate for Service," Into the Steets is 
Etown's biggest and best service event held 
every year. Students go "into the streets" and 
volunteer at various places all over Etown and 
the surounding community, volunteering 
anywhere from working with little kids to 
raking leaves for the elderly. It is a great way 
to see the college and local community coming 
together to give something back. 

Jackie Fell helped clean up highways and 
commented. "It is a great learning experience 
and way to bond with classmates." 

Almost everyone on campus is in one way 
or another associated with Into the Streets. Not 
only is it a great way to spend time with 
friends but it is also a great opportunity to help 
out someone in the community. 

Junior, Alex Ross said, "It was great to be 
able to help out the elderly with just everyday 
yardwork. I really hope to be able to go back 

Into the Streets has been such a positive part 
of the Elizabethtown College experience and 
this year was no different! 

-Erin Sawyer 

Special 'Events 13 

Caroline Denk helps 
Dining Services by 
manning the volunteer 

Students crowded the 
Marketplace and the 
Event Space for this 
year's Thanksgiving in 
the new Brossman 

Kelli Himmelreich and Joe 
Spayd enjoy each others 
company and the great food. 

'Dear Lord, 

Tve Seen asked, nay commanded, to thank 
'Thee for the turkey before us... a turkey 
which was no doubt a fivefy, inteCCigent 
bird... a social beina.... capable of actuaf 
affection... nuzzCwg its young with utmost 
human-like compassion. 'Anyway, it's dead 
and we're qonna eat it. 'Tie ase give our 
respects to its family... 

~ t Berke (Breathed, (Bfoom Country 'Babylon 

14 Special (Events 

Christine Hemmingwaj 
enjoys her last 
Thanksgiving at Etown. 




"The Pumpkin" 

Ah! On Thanksgiving, when from East to West, 

From North and from South, come the pilgrim and 

When the grey-haired New Englander see round his 
The old broken links of affection restored. 
When the care-wearied man seeks his mother once 

And the worn matron smiles where the girl smiled 

What moistens the lip and what brightens the eye? 
What calls back the past, like the rich Pumpkin pie? 
-John Greenleaf Wittier 

The Thanksgiving meal is a popular one at 
Elizabethtown for many reasons. First, you get to eat 
with your Etown family, and second, the food is 
incredible. Third, it is served family style with 
everyone passing the plates around. And fourth, your 
professors are the waiters! Unlike past years, each 
table did not recieve a whole turkey, instead it was 
precarved and even with the switch it was still a huge 
success. So if you missed out on the excellent dinner 
I this year you can always share a family style meal 
I with your second family. 

-Megan Balmer 

Special 'Events 15 

Jake Landis as "Pulon 
Stacey" emotionally reacts 
to the new s of Matthew 
Shephard's death. 

The Laramie Project was a 
visually and technically 
challenging show . Aaron 
Jenkins is on the big screen 
used to enhance poignant 


Junior Mark Fleming 
portrays Det. Rob 
Debree of the Laramie 
PD and questions Aaron 
McKimey played by Joe 

The cast of "Laramie" 
emotionally re-enacts the 
real life protest against 
the controversial Rev. 
Fred Phelps. 

16 Special (Events 






I In- Student Production 
StalT relax after a successful 
show. Student Designers 
Ken Delanej and Karl kern 
also had their work judged 
hj representatives of the 
College Theater Festival. 



"The dead cannot cry out for justice. It is the 
day of the living to do it for them." This is the 
quote found on posters advertising the Department 
of Fine and Performing Arts Fall Production "The 
Laramie Project". This true story chronicles the 
journey of the Tectonic Theater Project as they 
travel to the town of Laramie, Wyoming in the 
months following the brutal beating of Matthew 
Shephard. a gay University of Wyoming student. 
They attempt to create a theatrical piece based on 
their experiences. 

In this piece, 22 actors and actresses take 
on approximately 80 different roles in an effort to 
recreate the effects that this tragic event had on not 
only the people of Laramie, but on people around 
the country. The director, Terri Mastrobuono said. 
"This is a very important and timely piece that 
underscores what happens when hate and rage are 
allowed to determine actions." 

The cast rehearsed this play for about two 
months before its debute in November and all five 
performances sold out and people were on waiting 
lists to see this play. In addition, Moises 
Kauffman. the playwright, paid a visit to the 
college and the cast recieved a special good luck 
letter from Romaine Patterson, one of the play's 
characters and close friend of Matthew Shephard. 

The cast hopes that they were able to create 
justice for Matthew Shephard by teaching people 
to open up their eyes and accept everyone 
regardless of their differences. "Acceptance is one 
of the most important things you can learn," says 
cast member Judi Cavanaugh. "This play is a 
learning experience for the audience whether they 
want the lesson or not." 

-Kelli German 

Special (Events 17 

Sadie Bair and Tarah 
Balkovic show off their 
pearly whites. 


18 Special 'Events 

Maureen VanOnnan, 
Michelle Wood.Stacj 
( i .null II. Lauren Pepper 
and Jacqueline Sahourin 
are dressed to the nines. 

W onc(erfanc{ 

This years' Winter Wonderland was held December 
10, 2002. in the brand new Event Space, which was 
peppered with snowflakes and winter decor. " I kind 
of missed the dance being in the Annenburg because 
there was more room, and it wasn't so boxy, but the 
dance was still really fun," said sophomore Candice 
Mandrino. The annual dance is held right before 
students leave for Christmas break so students get to 
give each other a lasting goodbye before finals and 
leaving for home. "It's a good break for the students 
to have some fun and relax a little bit before the 
stress of finals week. In some cases it's the last time 
students see their friends since they are so busy 
during finals, so its definitely a good time." said 
junior Mark Bentz. 

The Residence Hall Association (RHA) is the host 
group of the annual dance and make it a semi-formal 
so everyone gets to dress in their best. "Getting 
dressed up for the dance was great! It gave us girls a 
chance to look pretty for our guys. It really felt like a 
Winter Wonderland." said sophomore Kristen Tyson. 

The Winter Wonderland dance offers a great 
escape from the daily grind, and a great goodbye for 
students before Christmas vacation and appropriately 
it even was a Winter Wonderland outside with the 
first snow of the year. 

-Kristin Pazulski 

Special Events 19 

The cast of "Jacob's 
Shoe", include Sarah 
Smigel and Ryan 
Gruber, directed by Karl 

Senior Megan Leister is 
Naomi in "My Higher 
Power" directed by Ben 
Delaney. This was her 
acting debut at 

Jeremy Ebersole, Chris 
Richmond, and Beth Lenger 
shed light on the life of 
Trotsky in "Variations on 
the Death of Trotsky" 
directed by Kirsten 

"The Man Who Couldn't 
Dance" directed by Elyse 
Shenkman stars Jake 
Landis and Joy Salvatore. 

20 Special T.vents 

Vndrca DuBois' "4 AM: 
Open All Night" is the 
storj of Kate and taking a 

chance. Actors include 
Jordan Hicher and Mark 

One %cts Testivaf 

Sock and Buskin, the campus theater club, 
sponsored the 14th Annual Student -directed One Act 
Festival this February with great success. The festival, 
completely student produced, served as a great 
opportunity for students who are interested in theater. 
Freshman Aubrey Boyd, who served as production 
manager said, 'This being only my second semester 
here at Elizabethtown College, I truly appreciated the 
experience and opportunity that this club has given me 
to encounter the Elizabethtown theater. The One Act 
Festival allows many students to get involved in theater 
at a more hands on level than fall and spring 
performances." Student directors this year included 
Jessica Forte, Ben Delaney, Kirsten Malkowski, Andrea 
DuBois, Elyse Shenkman, and Karl Kern. Kirsten 
Malkowski director of the first performance of the 
night Variations on the Death of Trotsky, said, "I had a 
wonderful time interacting with my fellow peers and 
getting a chance to express myself through my actors 
on stage. It was definitely an experience that I 
recommend anyone interested in theater to pursue." 
The festival is the highlight of the year for many 
people, whether an audience member or an actor and 
many students were veteran actors such as Aaron 
Jenkins, but this festival also highlighted students such 
as Megan Leister, who performed in her very first 
college play during the One Acts. The actors and 
actresses did a wonderful job this year and cannot wait 
until the next one comes around. 

~B. R. Delaney and Deidra Crone 

Aaron Jenkins, Sarah 

Polite, Ian Dunbar, and 

Carrie Beals reminisce 

^-= the 1980's in "Slop 

f^™ 55 Culture" directed by 

I Jessica Forte, 

Special (Events 21 



IpL v. ^H 

■ "7m 

i^m ^ 

1 ^H 

Laura Sunday, Sarah 
English, Holly Edwards and 


Heather Edwards take time 

r ' 

B J 

after dinner for a photo op. 

. -a 


Jon English, Becky 
Doyle, and Mark Boyer 
are picture perfect. 

Pauline Berg, Liz Novak, 
Stacey Wilczynski, 
Kristin Krauss, Beth 
Achenbach, Tiff Maue, 
Kristin Bonini, and 
Melissa Woodruff gather 
for a picture before 
heading to the dance 


Sptxiaf Events 

Matt Ait'si struttin' his 
stuff for thf camera. 

Junior Senior 

The evening could only be summed up as this: 
magical. The 2003 Junior/Senior festvities were held 
at The Eden Resort in Lancaster complete with a floor 
to ceiling fountain, floating candles, and plants galore. 
With approximately 500 students and faculty attending, 
the ballroom was packed full of elegant dresses and 
handsome suits. After an hour of appetizers and 
mingling, dinner was served to the 63 tables, each 
themed with a different flower such as Calla Lily or 
Hibiscus. After dinner, students returned to their rooms 
to freshen up before returning to the dance floor around 
ten o' clock. The DJ kept the night moving with a 
number of upbeat songs, with only a few slow numbers 
throughout the evening. The dance wrapped up around 
2:30 am, but the celebration continued throughout the 

We cannot forget to include the infamous fire 
alarm at six o' clock, that woke all from their much 
needed sleep to huddle outside in the chilly weather. 
Despite the cold, spirits were still high as many 
students enjoyed a few laughs over the turnout of 
events. After eight fire trucks, seven police cars, and 
one ambulance had filed out of the parking lot, sleep 
resumed for the weary dancegoers until checkout time. 

Congratulations are in order to the Junior Class 
officers and Student Senate who planned this 
successful event. A special thanks is owed to all who 
attended, especially faculty, whose presence was most 
appreciated. This night was one we will not forget. 

-Jessica Forte 

Special 'Events 23 

The set of Godspell. 

The Godspell Band 
includes Chris Moy on 
percussion, Mila Henry 
on keyboard. Clay Stiles 
on bass, and John 
Brackbill on guitar. 

Allvson Dawson, Jennifer 
Walton, and Matt Simon 
pose for the camera. 

24 Special 'Events 

Becky Nori and Andy 

K mliir listen intcnth . 


Tempest Theater 
8 p.m. 

Director: Michael Sevareid 
Cast: Olivia Wad 

Chris Gottshall 

Bill "Jiggers" Graefe 

Andy Kudor 

Erin Lichti 

Donald Megahan 

Mark Muenzen 

Rebecca Nori 

Sarah Owens 

Laura Schumacher 

Allyson Dawson 

Benjamin R. Delaney 

Jessica Kelley 

Matt Simon 

Jennifer Walton 

Matt Wood 

April 4, 5, 11, 12,2003 

Special Events 25 

Curtis Rovenolt and 
Sarah Eggler soak up the 

The All-Campus picnic 
is a contiunal success, 
with great 80 degree 

The ladies of the LIGHT 
House take a break from 
selling Dell Day tee-shirts. 

"1 must 6e out-of -doors enouafi to 
aet experience of wholesome reality, 
as a baffast to tnougnt and 
sentiment. Q-feaCtfi requires tfiis 

~*}{enru t Davia r T'fioreau 

26 Special 'Events 

I he I Ml was hopping 
with music by 
Remember Tomorrow. 



Ahh, Dell Day. The snow day without the 
snow.. .It's the day students look forward to most 
(well, beside TGIS), the day that college 
administration cancels all classses so that students, 
faculty and staff" can come together and have some 
fun. We never know when its coming, but guesses 
and speculation begin the first hint of nice weather. 
This spring, it happened Tuesday April 15, on a 
beautiful sunny 80 degree day. 

Dell Day began at 10 a.m. with opening 
ceremonies and followed with a picnic lunch 
manned by Dining Services. Activities began at 
10:30 with sumo wrestling, a dunk tank with 
campus celebrities, tie-dyed t-shirts, the Empty 
Bowls service project, a Quiz Bowl and much more. 
Activities were jammed with students and Erin 
Harker thought the sumo wrestling was, "the most 
hilarious thing Eve ever seen!" 

During lunch there was a free concert by 
Remember Tomorrow and a performance by Mad 
Cow later in the afternoon. The student coffeehouse 
kicked off at six for a large crowd of students. 
"These things always surprise me.. I never realize 
how much talent is on this campus until I come to 
see one," said sophomore Matt DeLucca. 

Though Dell Day eventually had to come 

to an end, it won't be forgotten for those of us who 

will be around for Dell Day 2004! It was 

sophomore Jessica Wagaman who summed up the 

spirit of Dell Day quite nicely: "Dell Day is a just a 

great day to have fun, relax and take a break from 

all the stress of classes!" 

-Ashley Lichty 

Special 'Events 27 

28 Special 'Events 

It's all about hand-eye 

■ 920i 


This year the fun filled weekend that all 
students look foward to was threatened by 
rain, but the students of Elizabethtown 
College prevailed, letting the rain know 
that they know how to have a good time no 
matter what the weather. The freshman 
girls of Ober said/nothing is going to keep 
us from our first TGIS, we've heard so 
much about it and now we are ready for the 
experience." Thank Goodness Its Spring 
was kicked off on Thursday with a 
hypnotist, and Friday's opening was filled 
with student performers and a comedian. 
Although some of Saturday's outside 
activities were moved inside due to rain, 
the students still came out and enjoyed hair 
braiding, tarot readings, and face painting. 
"This is something my friends and I look 
forward to every year," says sophomore 
Mike Grandi, "We can just forget about 
school work and have fun." Along with 
many activities like the climbing wall and 
Etown Starsearch, this year's TGIS was 
another great success and students GOT 

-Alisha Grubb 

Special 'Events 29 

The face painting table was 
a crowd pleaser. 

Shaun Rinehimer tries to 
make a basket. 

Caroline Denk tries to win 
some TGIS memorabilia. 

SWEET member Erika 
Butler sells the ever 
important TGIS shirt, an 
added extra was the 
option to tie dye them. 


30 Special Events 

Two Rover resident's 
reunite after a relaxing 

ii( Each friend represents a 
worhdin us, a world yossihlv 
not born untiC they arrive, 
and it is only hy this meeting 
that a new world is horn." 
^'Anais 'Win 

Sara Blessing relaxes after a 
long day. 

Ober RA*s take time during 
room registration for a 


" r ~ 1 H 1 "^^ m 

iiw. .frrrj 



|% 4&M0^fttb 


Kristen Bonini and Pauline 
Berg take a break from 
moving into the Quads. 

32 ■Residence Life 


e< Enternaf 

This year Elizabethtown College 
saw many changes in housing. After 
this year when you think Founders, 
you think no internet. Brinser has 
finally turned into a coed dormitory, 
which helped control the amount of 
destruction. Myer remained all girls, 
and Ober was as bustling as ever. 

The Quads and two sets of 
apartments were pumping with music 
and fun activities once the cold 
weather broke. Throughout the 
Commons, students played frisbee and 
threw footballs, while others grilled 
and enjoyed the sun and time with 
friends. On-Campus living gives 
everyone the opportunity to make a 
new home away from home. More 
students were successful at finding off 
campus housing this year. Although 
they did not live in the dorms, the 
Brossman Commons helped students 
become a little closer. 

Overall, most people were pleased 
with their living arrangements this 
year. Our rooms are our home away 
from home and with a larger and more 
diverse family. In our rooms, we work, 
we play, we sleep, but most 
importantly we laugh with friends and 
make "Eternal Bonds." 

-Jenn Clifford 

'Residence Life 33 

(Brinser JfaCC 

Where at Elizabethtown College can you go where the males outnumber the females? 
Brinser Residence Hall, of course. To its residents it is thought to be one of the most luxurious, if 
not the best, dorm on Elizabethtowns campus. Brinser Hall, a three floor dorm, houses 
approximately 109 male and female residents. Brinser is also distinctive because of the special 
academic support it provides on the third floor on the north side is deemed an academic success 
or a "quiet hall." There are four suites located in Brinser, each with their own private bathroom 
and kitchen. Brinser, like other dorms, includes laundry services, and vending machines, both 
found to be very convenient to Brinser Residence. But the best feature is the "super location" 
according to one student. It is very accessible to dining services, the library, the fields and the 
classroom. "It definitely has the best location on campus." To live in Brinser is to have a truly 
unique college experience. 

- Molly Walker 

1 North 

<Rffw 1: (pfidjfannan, (Bob (Brookgns, Jared 
Seibert, J4ri Jfitron; <Rgw 2: {Brian Jfass, Adam 
Sharer, Michael J. <Di(BartoComeo, <%icfy 
'Miller; <Rpw 3: (Brandon Cobb, Justin Tones. 


<%pu> 1: Jfyun joon %an, Troy ii'hitsef, 'Rajiv 
'Fernando, Jason 'MifCer; <Rpw 2: Andy Lewis, (DinesR 
Jeyaram, <Renato JlCdaz; <SffW 3: 'ErihjEberz, (Brian 
%atars6i, Scot 'MacfPherson. 

34 Residence Life 

■ ■■■ ' 


4(pw 1: :\\kju(\hdnci. MicfuuCStufi&iager, 
Scot <Pitzer, Steve Suavely; <Rffw 2: Joe Sahd, 

Kdjan Karki.. Jarred Hedes, liynt Cjarzel, 
Juan lose Xdhdtj. Damian [llumemu^ ".Vate 
'Weatluuj: <Rsnv 3: Swul \. Shrestha, Matt 
•Eder, LuisNuws, Stephen Hershberger, 

l\u e Yaphy, Mark] Kent:. 

Qfawl.'JZnna 'Mae Terry, 'Yadona "Hiking, 
!Ndta(iya Cjeorgin>a; <Rpw 2: JAshiey <Daxvson, 
'Marcy Jones, Qethjlnlas, %e((y O'Connor. 

3 South 

fyw 1: Beth Tatara, -Barbara Sohf, CaitCin 'Efverson, 
nn Biddte; Qtpw 2: Sarah Boraske, Jessica Jac^ 
^anieffe Episcopo, Lindsay (Brown, "Keffy Harris, 
{eatfier %Vo(f. 

'Residence Life 35 

Founders Jiatf 

The Master Plan. We've all heard about it and we're seeing some of its effects. New furniture, 
a fresh coat of paint, new carpet, and a handicap accessible wing. ..We've heard they changed 
something about that old retro dorm called Founders. The summer of 2002 marked the renovation of 
A and D wings with closets removed, 30 year old carpet ripped up, and squeaky bed frames removed 
in breathless anticipation for new furniture and new students, "i like the color better," says Aaron 
Koontz, "White instead of puke green furniture is better, too." 

After dealing with mediocre furnishings, students finally have computer friendly desks. "It 
seems like a completely different building," said Kristen Basehore and her roomate Rachael 
Gasperretti agrees, "the improvements were much needed and much appreciated." The ride had its 
ups and downs, with a fall semester without internet for Founders residents. A makeshift computer 
lab and hard work over winter break fixed this problem and despite this freshman Jose Cruz says, 
"its worth the change." 

~Beth Lenger 

<Rgw 1: fietsy ^Burroughs, Lorraine (Bonifanti, 
Jessica <Esh6ach, Lindsey 'Morrison; <Rpw 2: Cjarrett 
'Deutermann, jess (Rumford, Jenn Sheefian, Lisa 
'Morrow, 'Kelly Qiiinton; <Rffw 3: Maurits 'Deliver, 
(Brian 'Fitzpatricl^ 'Mark^qaliati, (Brandon (DiLiben 
JimSer Curry, Jifton %jiyk§tida(L 


<RffW 1: (Dan Melillo, Christopher 'Koagland, 'Michael 
MayBerry, %ate Jfowell; <Rpw 2: 'Heather Clarf^ 
(Brandi (Benzel •Preston 'Kfingseis, jonathon Schultz, 
(paulStaub, Jilicia 'Rathoshj, Chris Mefi; %pw 3: 
(Richard ^Bongiovanni, (Donald Megahan, (Deanna 
Little, finger Friend, Xate'Ehret, Ian (Dunbar, 
MarkjWisniewskj., (Brett Lojacono, JaredShrader. 

36 'Residence Life 


Gtffw 1: josh Homer, Met MeOHein, hm Mat(ai% 
l tfmund "Sates, Tom Taster, Shirah Seattle; <Row 2: 
Lnlyd Sutler, Uuiaj4fcamo, Lind'sey Soskp, Cjeorge 
Bishop, %jisty<Deuer, Weather House, Michael 
Kidman, Josh Tomes, Matt ( 'oSBrecht, Jesssica 
( aOioun, Sen Osterhout, Srian Serry; %ffw 3: Tom 
O finen, Cjreg Rohdc, 'lm\ Lewis, 'Tama Cjeorge, 
Oris U'llThims. Matt Milfer. 


<Rpw 1: Clifford Quattfander, Lisa %e[ton, 'Maria 
Leiftand, Grandee Simpson, 'Ketty Sheridan; <Rffw2: 
Lisa 'Durcanin, Christina SCanhgnship, MeCanie 
'Parenteau, Samuefjlguirre, 'Erin Chough, 'Erin 
'McLeod, 'Janet Opfinger; <Rffw 3: Mexis Too, Laurie 
Smichje, 'Evan %irtses, Sean McEvoy, Micfiaef 
'Brudzinski, Marowa Lovemore. 


'Row 1: Justin McQuaid, Justin Cjrijfey, Mien 
Churchman, 'Ryan Smetana, Mike 'Dunn; 'Row 2: Jen 
Manns, flmanda Simpson, JAimee Lezinski, Jidam 
'Whitaker, Srian Surke, Steve <Deavor, (Drew Ward, 
%y[e 'VanJfefmond, Mason 'Wallace, Jenn Snyder, 
Ashley gaede; 'Row 3: Ashley Owen, MoCCy Walker, 
Lisa Abel, JAmy Rowe; 'Row 4: Jen 'Rp6erts, Jackie 
Srenton, Meghan Seshara, Jiddie Cawtey. 

'Residence Life 37 


$ou 1: Efissa -Bofanis, Jaeauehne Sabourin, Cindy 

4 ,-e: Xj.->u 2: Kr.- 

zynal Jerry Zlaksa^. 

■ermott : Kpu 3: James Watts. Steve Strojm. J. 
CoCe « 

Wames Wot SuSmttted! 


Upw 1: Laura Suidou ay. Megan Cjerr.z i 
ManJ'y Buckler. Amanda QuEa. Ste\>e Wood; 
%pu 2: Rachel Lexine, Joanna Pofiprny, Leah 
(granger, Brianna Boves. Brandi Jfe- i 

: :x Pew 3: Cameron McGJean: 
I Kp6inson, Tiffany Edu ards. Casey 
McQee. Melissa Morse finer Xpu 4: -Peter 

■ :n ,'Ayupox, BinodSndrma, Jintonio 
Loiveira., Aaron I ad z nw[d 

.. - " 


The winners of the Drag Queen contest pose for their winning 
picture. Mr. Founders. Brian Sipe. performs "Rollin 'on the 

River " by Tina Turner at Mr. Etown 2003. Founders RA s gather 

at the Rootbeer Kegger and welcome the Freshman class. A 

Founders Resident gets ready to start her day. 

Residence Life 39 

Myer !KaCC 

Myer is an entirely female poulated residence hall. The magnificent view of the Dell has 
vast appeal during the fall and spring seasons. The rooms are a good size, and the vanity area is 
bigger than any other dorm on campus. Myer has a great location, with easy access to the library, 
student center, and classrooms. The lounge on the second floor is a great, quiet alternative to the 
library. Jessica Smith from 2 West said, "1 enjoy living in Myer because we can leave our rooms 
and look like crap and never worry about having to run into any boys." Kara Terhune, also from 2 
West says, "It always smells good, not like Brinser and Ober that have permanent boy smell in the 
halls." According to Cherrissa McCoy, "Myer has its ups and downs. It's good when you need to 
get work done, but a little boring when you want to be a 'real college student."' 

~Shannon Ensminger 


<RffW 1: 'Katfwrine %ucins6i, %im 'Tegley, 'Kjisty 
'Moore, Mary Harrier, Lisa Hartley; <Rgw 2: Jocelyn 
cRpbertson, Mandy 'Mattis, Carrie 'Beats, Nicole 
'Danbury, Mary 'Wismer, Heather 'Toy, 'Elaine 
'Barnes, Alison 'Douglas, (Daniette Vnderkgffler; 
<Rpw 3: Hic^ple Sedgwick^ Stacy 'Dufi, Amber 
Cjantz, Affie "Hartley, Amie Havering Erin Lichti, 
Jen 'Rieger, Valerie 'Kjingaman, Angie Stramara, Jer 

Left: Peer Mentors converse in 

front of Myer while awaiting the 

arrival of the new Freshman 


Right: Freshman roomates get to 

know each other. 

40 'Residence Life 

2 West 

9ff\v 1: Janet Itim. MeCanie Qiakjur, Katie fluids, 
Sarah Herman: <Rpw 2: . Ashfey Marro, jAshfey %fms, 
•fifatr Kjwffk^ Cindy jAurentz. jenny %ftchuckt 
Rebecca Schwanger, Tare QHckeCsimer, <Rpu>3: 
mbuCsay McCormicfi, Stephanie (.jrosnickje, Kdthryn 
Heetet. Ceanne 'Bean, Carrie 'Kuipef, 'Tori Indivero, 
■OS Kcffey, jachje Coss. 


<Rpw 1: 'Megan grimes, 'Trish Eurman, JAshfey 
'Kpppenheffer, Cauren 'Mefvin, Ciz Eretz, Jamie 
'Karaffa, JAdrienne 'Francfii, Tricia Kuchfer, 
'Meghan gowens, 'Ffor Chancay; <Rpu> 2: Susie 
(Both, Coffeen Tonkin, Mefissa JAftemose, 'Erin 'Post, 
'Keffy 'Brooke, 'Erin 'Knerr, JAshton Kantner, 'Bfair 
Ritchey, Ceah 'Robinson, Meghen Riegger; <Rpw 3: 
Jenna Janecek^ 'Katie Efershberger, Ciz (Phiffips, 
(Betsy Schmid, (Brenda Ery. 

3 West 

^pw 1: Sarah Qartfand, JAshCee 'Bargo, Marianne 
'Byrne, Courtney (Dutch, Jen 'Jfutson; <R&w 2: Jess 
'Defenderfer, Katie Coleman, Stephanie <3aumann, 
Stephanie 'Pavefko, Jenn fiutchko; <Rpw 3: Efba 
'Pineda, Erika (pedersen, JAficia Coffins, Rachef 
Smith, Keffy, Erin 'Kartman, 'Katie (Brodheck^ 
Shannon Erisch; Qtgw 4: ^Denise Cofe, Jessica 

'Residence Life 41 


"Ober: loud music late at night and early in the morning provides a hiatus from a tarnished life." This is the definition given to 
Ober Hall by freshman Ryan Gruber of A-2. There is never a quiet moment walking through the halls of this dorm. Doors are 
kept open, music is blaring, and people shout down the halls to each other. Students living in Ober say this is because they are 
so close and most residents say their best friends on campus are their "neighbors." Junior Sarah Donohue commented, "Ober 
has been my favorite dorm to live in so far. There is a really strong sense of camaraderie between everyone on my floor, there's 
never a dull moment around here!" The only complaint people have about living in Ober is the incessant fire drills that drag 
students out of bed in the middle of the night usually a few times a week. However, some say it just adds to the craziness and 
many use it as an opportunity to socialize with friends. "Living in Ober is an experience in itself," says freshman Caitlyn King. 
"There is never a quiet moment in any hall. They seem to put all the wild kids in one dorm. But the friendships you make will 
last a lifetime." 
-Kelly German and Stacey Toy 

GtffW 1: John Cjarganta, Sean Sims, (Brandon 'Tiedler, 
Adam Reliert, 'Philip 'Brynildsen, Tim Titewicz, Jim 
■DiPino, Chase 'franklin; <Rpw 2: 'Rich Cauterucci, 
'Bozho 'Todorich, 'Ryan McCjee, 'Ethan Iteming; <Rpw 
3: Sean Thomson, 'Brian At6recht, (Dan Hosier, Chris 

<RffW 1: 'Bitty Jfouder, (Brad'Duppstadt, Seth quida, 
'PliilAyouh, 'Ryan Con^lin, VrankJFasinskj., Judo 
Camacho; <Rgw 2: 'Rp6 Jfettet', <Petipe Olfos, JAmit 
'Prasad, Ryan Leister, Jesse Conynham, Andrew 
Kadjeshi, Matt Cooper, Chris T)''Emilio. 

<£pw 1: Jennifer Waft, CaitCin %ina, Jayme Eields, 
Laura (DiEilippo, Ashley Milter, <SffW 2: Kfttie Qer- 
man, Stacey 'Toy, 'Mefissa Maiorielto, Jessica Tun^ 
JaqueCine L ' JfeurewQ ^pw 3: Jessica CuCCum, Jennifer 
Stinger, Amy Cottins, Ana Velasquez, Cheryl Sechriest, 
Jolene Shade, 'Eliza6eth 'Martin, Ashley Sprenhfe. 

42 "Residence Life 

Qtgw 1: Yasunori Nagahama, 'Dave 'Dunsavage; 
<RffW 2: Brian 'Betteridge, JA(6ert Vfiana, Andrew 
lyummerer, <Rpn 'Tagfauino, 'Rob Cochran, 'Blair 
Tol'bard; <RffW 3: jAtex'Rpss, Jesse Jones, (Brian J. Isaac. 

<Rpw 1: Audrey Miller, MicheCCe Collier, Alicia jAngefo, 
Katie i '-'airman, MetissaSt. Clair; <gffw2: Lauren 
Murzeiexvski, Xettianne "Hopkins, 'Britney Hettrickj, 
Erika lathis, jAticia Cohfe, Jiff Cobb. 'Tanya Bintrim. 


<Rpw 1: 'Vincent Camacho; <Rpw 2: Joe Szufewski, 
Jonathan 'Bfakg, J.'B. Sheridan, •PatrickjRyan, %yfe 
'Ryan, Joe Mc'Neiff, <Rgw 3: Chris (Dressed Patrick 
'Baker, JAndrew Tfynn, Jldam 'Brandt, CjregJAdams, 
Dan %eane, 'Michael 'Bonner, Josh Mundorff, Jife\. 
■Rakow, Jeremy 'Bonneviffe. 

<Rpw 1: Lauren 'Richardson, <Brea McCautey, Sara 
Linton, Emifee 'Evans, %effy 'Hiederwerfer; %pw 2: 
Meghan Cuffen, Laura Sardone, Megan Marabeffa, 
Tracey Jfine, Courtney Qreen; <R$iw3: %e(fie Hocrpes, 
'Rebecca 'BowCing, 'Kristin •Ewahf, %risti McCuffough, 
Susan Ryan, ftristi Shifting. 

'Residence Life 43 


Dorm living at Elizabethtown College is very distinct, and each hall has its own differences; 
the same goes for Royer. The great location and building design make it easy to make friends and 
know everyone on your floor, creating a family environment. Also, residents can always find a quiet 
place to study or read. As students walk out the door, the Dell constantly greets them whether it is 
snowing or just a gorgeous day. Kristen Pazulski said, "Because I lived in both Schlosser and Meyer 
my freshman year, it was a nice change to live in a co-ed dorm. It's alot more fun and entertaining. 
Plus, I live near the Dell, so in the warm weather I can go read outside, perfect location." It is right 
there to throw a ball, play in the snow, exercise or relax and the Dell is a popular place for the ladies 
to sunbathe. Campus events such as Dell Day and Graduation are held here as well. Students in 
Royer, along with everyone at Elizabethtown College, have a great time no matter where they live, 
but Royer makes one of a kind memories year round. 

-Rob Cochran and Deidra Crone 

lu-ni nlace to make 

Hopefully he /,, 

a on the f, rs , floor! 

Life in Royer 

44 'Residence Life 

, -^.'f^-y'wJ*if»»te*»?j.»v H 

Studying is yet another part of college life, but with your friends down the hall it is much more bearable. 

Television and videogames are a vital distraction from the tests and homework. 

Shannon Horn gets accustomed to her new home in Royer. 

Candice Mandrino works on her computer. 

'Residence Life 45 


Life in Schlosser is a wonderful and unique living situation at Elizabethtown College. 
Besides Myer, Schlosser is the only all-female dorm and besides its unique arrangement, living 
with all girls does have its perks. Senior Marcia Worley likes living in Schlosser because, "It's 
very clean and smells better than Founders." The girls in Schlosser range from Freshmen to 
Senior status, allowing underclassmen to meet fellow students of all ages and majors. An all- 
girl environment provides a haven that allows girls to create strong friendships with their 
hallmates. Schlosser is located on the edge of campus, and is typically a very quiet dorm with 
strong ties amongst the people living there. "Living in an all girl dorm has provided me with a 
clean, quiet atmosphere where I can develop friendships amongst my hall mates." Besides 
connecting with female students of all ages, the women of Schlosser form friendships that will 
last a lifetime. -Betsy Burroughs 

l<East andl West 

<Rgrw 1: 'Kftfy Johnson, Mindy Schekr, Ashley 
Schoeneberger; <%grw 2: 'Miranda 'Venesky, Sara 
Margavitch, 'Marcia 'Worley, Sara (Blessing, •Bet/mm 
'Webber, JAndrea (Bartow, Lisa Marquette, Jessie 
Bomberger, Stephanie Sowers, 'Erin Oberdorf; Q(pw 
3: Megan 'Ross, Christina Blaha, Christine 
'Yarzabef^ Stephanie 'Willard, Jessica Lind, Bri 
Lambert, Lisa McNamara, Nicole Manyko, Becky 
Sheaffer, 'Valerie Storki <Sffw4: Liz Donahue, 'Erin 1 
"Hartmann, Janeft Shelly, 'Rachel Szohe, Stef Qrimm 
^Ashley Sykes, Mandy Longenecker, JAshley Scelsi, 
'Pain Ostroshi 

2 <East 

<Rpw I: Amanda Neer, %im 'Walker, Barbara 
'Nelson; <Rfftv 2: Kerri Cashey, Lindsay <Rowe, Lexj 
Stuss, Beckie Bernaski, 'Hillary Stewart, Susan 
Bender, Michelle Noll, JiCicia jAnselmo; <Rpw 3: 
Kelli Clapper, Melissa Noll <E[iNiCsen, Tatiana 
'Roll Lenette 'Williams, Letitia Jeavons, Sophia 
Lee; 3{pw 4: Meredith Bamhart, 'Kelly 'Walsh, 
Jlle.xis Lucas, Laurel Morse, Lindsey Kdbrecht, 
•Rebecca Surgeon, Samantfia Renninger, Jenn 'Wean, 
Sofie CarCsson, 

46 'Residence Life 


2 West 

Rsrw 1: Kate 'Rpsenberger, Katie Kalda, Jidda 
mcQuTigan, Audrey Qaddis; <Rgw2: finanna 
Lynch, Jessica 'Engro, Maria Versson, Michelle 
Varfeness, %ari 'Vnderkoffler, Kfltrina Doherty. Jen 
limmons; <Rpw 3: Kfitetyn Morex, %pndra Henry, 
"wnnex Appleman; <Rffw4:Amy Monfiletto. 
ignasha <Patet, Lori Westcott, JAmy Nawoczenskj, 
aura Steele. 


<RffW 1: Tiffany Qroff, Heather Newswanger, 
Xjmherty Whaten, Danielle 'Frye; <Rpw 2: Megan 
MacMaster, Sarah Numberger, 'Regina 'Wezalis, 
%risti (^able, -Deawna Ravenel, Laura 'Jacobs, 
Jeanette Halstead, Melissa -Boin^e; <Rffw 3: 
Nozomi Kashiwagi, Hainan 1/Ven, Catherine 
Chiccarone, 'Tasssili li'eehuizen, jAnna Riccardo, 
JAndrea Simmons, yAubrey 'Boyd, 'Rebecca "Kpcher, 
Thersa Holland, Danielle Shantz, Liz Chambers, 
Liz Cliicarelli, Cassie 'Weinman; <R$rw 4: Janell 
Wampler, Bridget Jones, Jessica Silver, Megan 
Hershey, JAmy 'Yoder, 'Emily Litttehale, Sarah 
(Babish, Vanessa Ruzinski, Celeste Long-wed, 
Tara McCleary, jAshley Sherry. 


<Rffw 1: Jen Trenkamp, Sadie 'Kfing, Jen Qoudie, 
Emily 'Thomas; %ffw 2: Taryn Reppert, Tracee 
(popielarczyki Meghan KJrhjpatric^ Michelle Sloan. 
Shana Linde, Carly Elmer, Laura Cluggish, Rebekah 
Miller, 'Rachel Matthews, Sarah Rever, Sarah 
McQee; <Row 3: 'Brook^Stevens, Natalia <Prociuk^ 
'Nicole ••Vrosseda, Emily Stem, 'Kjisten Trumpler, 
JAmanda Traina, Kristie Matias, Lauren Terefenho, 
'■Beth Stutter, Crisitin 'Braun, Dana Voit. 

Residence Life 47 

Student (Directed Learning Communities 

Student Directed Learning Communities (SDLC) can be the best of both worlds. You don't have 
all the responsibilities of living off campus and besides your own bedroom students don't have to share a 
bathroom with a floor full of people in the dorms. However, it takes special dedication to keep a program 
running. Every SDLC is different and special in its own way. Nine have been implemented this year and 
they are an important part of the college community by providing an enriching atmosphere and programs 
for the college and outside community of Elizabethtown. All the SDLC's go hand in hand with 
Elizabethtown's mission of service learning. This years SDLC's programs range anywhere from working 
with the elderly, feeding the hungry, to music therapy. As Lisa Rossi, member of the BOC SDLC says, 
"It's a lot of hard work, but very rewarding and a lot of fun." ~Erin Sawyer 

BOC House (Brightening Our Community) 

TOP: Becky Nori, Erin Sawyer, Jessica Heun. 
BOTTOM: Alison Ressler, Jackie Fell, Lisa 
Rossi, Erika Wentz. 

Harmony House 

Jennifer Zeller, Kathleen Hall, Victoria Thomas.; 

HEART House (Healping Elizabethtown Area 
Residence Together) 

Kim Adams, Megan Robinson, Heather Holwitt, 
Crystal Nealis. 

48 'Residence Life 



AC House (Kids in the Community) 

ebecca Hasselhan, Adrienne Kennedy, Jennifer 
ee\ e, Cami Wade. 

PHAT House (Physical Awareness Team) 

John English, Jason Gramling. Mark Boyer. 

LIGHT House (Lasting Impacts by Giving to the 
Hungry Today) 

TOP: Katie Anderson, Megan Leister, Lisa 
Cawley. BOTTOM: Shannon Stubbs. 

Saturday's Special 

TOP: Sarah Polite, Kaitlyn Viola. BOTTOM: 

Amanda Myers, Jennifer Schueck. 

TEAM House (Together Everyone Achieves 

Amy Collins, Joy Salvatore, Jess Forte, Jen 
Billig, Andrea DuBois. Nicole Brocious. 

Residence Life 49 

Schrieber Quads and Vera Jfacfynan Apartments 

Forget the tiny dorm rooms, sharing a bathroom with ten people, and counting on the 
cafeteria as your only way of eating-you have entered the V Lester Schrieber Quadrangle, simply 
known as "the Quads." Here is the clincher-its the closest to living off campus while you are still 
on campus. Junior Michelle Wood said, "Living in the Quads gives you a great sense of 
independence and a peek at what living on your own is like." The only requirement is residents 
must be a junior or senior, all in all who wouldn't want to take the "next step" to the real world 
where goceries and phone bills are the only worries and friends are just a walk across the commons? 

-Stacy Crandell 
Eventually the dorms get to be too cramped, and upperclassmen need independence. The Vera 
Hackman Apartments are the answer to this wanted freedom. The Apartments offering a living 
room, kitchen, and bathroom offer students a whole new living environment without paying rent 
or utilities. Christina Wilson stated. "I like the apartments because of the freedom you have. It's 
almost like living on your own. The apartments also offers a smaller meal plan. "I chose the 
smaller plan because I knew I would have a kitchen. I may not cook the best meals in the world, but 
it's fun having the option to try," replied Jeff Ludwig. 

-Taylor Miller 

- - v ■• g ■ 


Laurie Cassel, Amy Shearer, Stephanie Anderson, 
Sarah Stevens 

Alissa Terry, Kelli Himmelreich, Thais Petrocelli, 
Amy Simon 


Katie Thomas, 

Rachel Singer, 

Caroline Denk, 

Corrinne Larsen 

50 'Residence Life 

ks%&tw>r :-vpi»Mw 


Jessica Russell. Krista Unger, Ashley- 
Perry lak, Ashley Quill 

"TrieAxdfr are/ 



for -got to- 

fyiA/e/Ufr." Ui 



Kristin Warker. Cristen Cumor. Tess 
Romiti. Tara Sadak 

Stacey Benton, Jodie McComsey, Katie 
Zerfuss, Julia Kochanasz 

Jriana Derry. Heather Decembrino, Catie Paxton, 
Gina Navarro 

Kelly Barnstead, Tara Budinetz, Kelly Gray, 
Bridget Thompson 

'Residence Life 51 

Kimberly Mather, Christine Ebner, Nicole Bills, 
Erin Thompson 

Amy Ashton. Amy Riddle, Stephanie Brouse, 
Sarah Stepp 

Melissa Woodruff, Stacey Wilczynski, Tara 
Pauley, Kristen Bonini 

Sarah Martin, Ali Pursley, Jill Klingaman, Ap 

Pauline Berg, Beth Achenbach, Liz Novak 
Karessa Hinchey 

Jody Karacz, Sada Price, Jess Hopper, Tamai 
Leech, Kim Dinger 

52 (Residence Life 

Hackman 107 

Tarly Miller. Jessica Vanderhoff. Pam Harkins, 
Allison Whalen 

Hackman 108 

Patricia Branco, Lynann Hagerman, Susie Lynch 

Missy Enright. Molly Metcalf, Cara Sabia, 
Caroline Grove 

Hackman 204 

Elizabeth Land Christine Buckley, Allison 
Hickman, Jenna Nugent 

Hackman 207 

Megan Naugle. Ashley Davenport, Michelle 
Morris, Insiya Jiwanji 

Hackman 305 

Emily Shaak, Denise Gannon, 
Heather Morgan, Jennie Walker 

'Residence Life 53 

Hackman 152 

Wendy Stafford, Amy Dessoye, Crystal Dalagin, 
Kelly Hennessey 

Hackman 157 

Adam Brophy, Chris Moy, Dan 
Bogrette, Cory Moskowitz 

Hackman 253 

Elliot Thomas, C.J. Bowles, Will Schnaue, 
Gustavo de la Vega 

Hackman 153 

Mike Karp, Larry Hodges, Darren Siegal, 
Ed Morales 

Hackman 251 

Holly Bader, Ceridwen McGeary, Sarah Groft, . 
Vanessa Sterling 

Hackman 256 

Brandy Norris, "Hilary Short", Annette Morris, 
Amy Westervelt 

54 'Residence Life 


Hackman 258 

Tanicka Jackson, Christina Albanese, Nakisha 
Jackson. Sarah Demilio 

Hackman 356 

Andrea Csordas, Crystal Tracy, 
Leslie Clemens, Chrissy Jones 

U( Friends are the most 
important ingredient in 
this recipe of life." 

Hackman 354 

Maggie Martin, Sarah Papillion, 
Renee Sell, Kristin Raniere 

Hackman 357 

Jeff Ludwig, Kevin McGrath, Damien Segatti, 
Scott English, Matthew Klepeis 

"1 count myseff in 
nothing efse so happy 
'As a sou( remembering my 
good friends." 

~Wi(Ciam Shakespeare 

'Residence Life 55 

Left: Mary Holman and 
Melissa Anderson lend a 
helping hand to Big Brothers/ 
Big Sisters during Into the 


Above: Diane LaMonica 
and Jill Klingaman say 

Right: Mark Boyer shows 
off his dancing skills at the 
2003 Mr. Etown 

Right: "So Long. Farewell, We Hate to Say 
Good-Bye" is the Senior Class Motto during 
the Homecoming Parade. 

56 Seniors 


"If you're walking down the street and 
someone is with you, he'll adjust to your 
pace or you to his. and you'll never be 
aware of it. It simply happens." That is 
the story of our past four years here at 
Etown. We have grown together and 
learned from each other. As seniors we 
have sat in classes together, pulled all- 
nighters either just to talk or to complete 
projects. We have created memories and 
friendships that we will never forget. 

We are and will always be the 
Elizabethtown College Class of 2003. We 
are forever changed by our experiences 
here at Etown. We have lived on campus 
for four years. As the Class of 2003 we 
can reminisce about the old Jay's Nest in 
the Annenberg Center, the Back Door 
Bakery with the famous Grab & Go option, 
and we remember the transition from the 
MyerCaf to the Market Place. We enrolled 
to Etown before the days of Rita's Water 
Ice and P&J's Pizza will also hold a special 
place in our hearts. 

7-Pauline Berg 

Seniors 57 



. ■ . 


SzcptuniM _ 

( kzaprtfai ■ 



■l _".•":" ■ UBS 




M Bourn 

Xrytal H 


.\(jrr*uii D 

Z'w S 9kouni 
Ctniumtu dufnecrfeu 


Kristin r BmU 
StfBfKun TVnifBffri 

E Borzrt 
Saim^n ^Education 

Sara £ Sfassu 


^matnan M. Bart 

uutavpnerj 'Bamtn-'Miwtn 

-Jntmwficnd/ 'Bluings 

Patricia £ Franks 
Cnmntm uratvtu 


Seniors 59 

■jlstiieyS Sritefer 


'Mass Communications 

Christopher T Brociman 

■Robert W. Snwtens 


Stmunu f 1 SrpuN 

Secondary Education 


■Matthew X- 'Sunicrrc 

Muss GfflTtmunfcatiOTU 

Qregoru T. Caffum 

Occupational 'fhirapu 

Jessica B. CdHwnni 
Seanu&ru Education 


Business nomfoistraaini 

Xduru M. Cuss./ 



Kristin E Qmur 

'.Business 5ld minis mirton 


Juairfi 'B Cavanaiun 
Ti'lmiiii Science 

Crstuai S. Chirdon 
Ewmentary Education 

Leslie 'A dements 
Secondary 'Education 


•Xnstina 51 CfewHW 
lusimss SWrninismiru-'n 

you if now you're 

out of coCCege 


~ Your salary is Cess 

than your tuition. 

- Your potted plants 

stay alive. 



60 Seniors 



AndrM I ■ 


InriTruiruvui Pun'uv 

Cristen £ Cuiboi 
Occupational Therapy 

Occumrtonol rncnwu 

Crystal Y. Datangin 

- i 

HhsoKSi .■U»mmsTr 1 iru*n 


Cmisti i. P.-ik|liT- 

L\>iri|*iu'r SiriffiiV 

PiiJiru'M Information Systems 

Jntn^nurvnui Suriiuu 

X&nwnraru Education 

■Amy £ Dtssayt 
Com m tin \c a nous 

Burihcsj Inprmarfon Su 

You know you're 

out of coTCege 


- You lunv to pay 

your own credit card 

~ 8 am is not early. 


'hfame this song... 

"As we go on 

We remember 

Alfthe times we 

l{ad toaetfier" 

"Tilt 1 (graduation S<*>y"; 
Vitamin C 

Seniors 61 

Mark T THxm 

Secondary Education 


'Aaron M. £V>nwn$fei 

Secondary Education 

Sot uii Studies 

Vavid'H Oornmczyfi 

Accountt ii(| 

gamyerQl ■Votscm 
Elementary 'Education 

■Heather K. -Edwards 



'Hotly E Edwards 
Dual Elementary & Tarty 

Childiiocd Education 

Justin •K Edwards 
E (ementary Education 

idicole -K Eiiscc 
Occupational Therapy 

Timothy -T.Ellcr 
Computer Science 

Xairiyn -D Ellis 

Occupational Therapy 

Xrisnn C Ender 



Jonathan i. English 

"Business 'Administration 


Sara L. English 
Occupational -Therapy 

Chad'T. 'Farley 
^Business ^Administration 


Lauren C. 'Farley 


62 Seniors 

Amanda J. Ttshtr 

'Elementary ■Idiwation 

D. T Togtfsangei 
•Elementary Education 

Sctf M Jvm-i 

'Awl £&nwnttra * 

£jrlw CfcCdwad £.111. jn.-ii 

£(Mcn -M fn-r; 

Dmfai M go* 
Burinau fcfinfnis 

9tafren S - 


•Jutianne £ QensSer 
Occupational -Therapy 

Lauren 'R. Gjxbson 

Mkfuut'D. Qifford 
'Elementary {Education 

Jaum 7A- (jrummuj 

James C §Twn 


'Moss ComnivnfcarJtni 


Seniors 63 

Sara E. graft 

Elementary Education 

Reiiqious Studies 

Stacy 'A. 'Haaaman 
Efenumxary Education 

Lynann mutrman 


- Mij><. CommunicatuTni 

J^hm 'Hall 

■Business 'Administration 


Be it jam i ti £ Halsted 
TAusic 'Therapy 

ftlicia M yferndd 

Occupational Therapy 

Elementary 'Education 

You /enow you're 

out of college 


~ You're not carded 


~ You carry an 


Smut en E. 'Hardwa 

ComntU nica tien is 

Mass Communications 

'Rebecca L. tiassel'han 
Elementary Education 

Chad M JWfer 

Christine M 'wmminawau 

Communications ■ 

Ketty 'M. Hennessey 




Xotom M !rfinefi*y 

Yadana S Mlaing 

'International 'Busincsi 

"Cherish your visions 

and your dreams, as 

they are the children oj \ 

'our soul and the blue 

^^k ^^k ^^k ^^ uour soul and the blue 
Jf ^r Imlm —J prints of your ultimate 
| ^^ ^^ ^^ achievements" 

-idapoleon "}(il( 

64 Seniors 




Molinni 'l m. j,,. i 

.Mj'Ui £ Mi 
0—111111(1 iHni 1 

Jnr.-nuini'fuii '.Fu.Mrt.'" 

Stdanfe 4 !HmEitu 

Jessica J Homkt 

'£ mirvmmrnrdl &W 

fU-nwntjn/ £jJuf«inon 


Xatfcrbu A iHoweff 
OccupatfcnrutJ Therapy 

NjHwui I 

■Amm C pmniu 
■Trofenuvuti Writing 

you £now you're 

out of coTCege 


- You (earn that 

"'Bachefor" is a nicer 

term for Jackass! 


'"fhe worQC 

tomorrow hefongs 

to the person who 

has the vision 


--'Robert Schuffer 

Seniors 65 

$tssica N Jofinwn 

Si\,'iu(tirv Education 

u\ Jon« 

Mil :l D Karp 

Burinesj flaminirtr'ation 

M*&54 ■! JtffinSOTI 

Mass Communications 

Evon i Kaplan 
Computer Xtiahutrtna 

Sutcia HJongj 

E&menwru Education 

Jody i Karats 
Business 'Almm titration 


I.'jmm,; £ Kirvu 

jili .V Klinaaman 
£fementaru Education 


Christina £ Jones 

■Elementary Eawarion 

Hajun Karh 

MiclwtU K. Klein 
Elttninrary Education 

Jura l KKfwm 

66 Smiors 

■I' ■§■ 

' : Ktvm 

■ | Kostt 
u 'Education 

\n.t-f Krupka 
Occupational Therapy 

R XuJ.r 

■ £ Km 

Jill'!!, iu-fjfl^ltv 

Dfoiu W IdMmiea 
Elementary Education 

Eumeritaru Education 

Saumdan Education 

Megan I Leister 
Occupational Tlwrnpy 

'Matthew K_ Levengood 

rf M 

Evelina Lavotssiaia 


liiiki M. tofacono 

'Aaron E Lyu 

secondary Education 




Seniors 67 

Jennifer L 'Murtt'n 

Ruhlie -Relations 

Matthew W McCundm 
Ztusittass administration 


m. a 'M.i.iu.iiiiiH 

Computer ETufagerttu 

You £now you're 

out of coCCege 


~ "Twenty -something' 
means over-qualified 
under-paid, and not 

Jama T '.Mijriniiii) 
SusffUSJ 'Aimmisniifk'n 

'information Systems 

Scott .? Maraenus 

Margaret R 'Mirmi 
Eftnuntanj 'Education 

Sarah M 'Martin 
!Efementnnj Education 

Jodv L MU miSty 

Social Work 

'Alicia 'J TAcfDamu 

.vv i. j I Work 



Jason A Mifle 


TtrrAur R Marsfiaff 

■Tiffany M. Maue 

^Business 'Administration 


Ccndwen £ MeQeary 
Occupational ■Therapy 


you know your a 
Business Major if, 

~You have no troubfe 
teCfing others what 

to do. 

~You like "sweating 

the smafl stuff'. 


Cnmtnri . 
Stconaan . 

'Mitti, i.. 

Antwtn £ 'Morris 
International Burincu 


Puou'liu Mils iiu >iut 
tatgrnatumai Business 

Ama ruin i Mi/.-rs 

fll-mcnrury Education 


(ji'U M. Ninnrr.' 

Efaaferf M MnaC 

JMtid i Nuft nl 


You ^now you're 

out of coUege 


«■ your friends marry 

instead of hook-up, 

and divorce instead of 




Katharint A Mojo 

'Business Aimimsmmi 

SdrafrJ. Owi-ns 
ft'm^Tiran/ f tdictinoTi 

you lenow your a 
Physics 'Major if.. 

~You have no tife & you 

canpro\e it 


~You've cfiuckfed anyone 

says "centrij-agaCjorce". 

Seniors 69 

Tara £. 'Pauley 
'Elementary Tducoxion 

Vincent -f. -Teye 
Computer Science 

Daniel Z JHrbudagov 

International 'Business 

Catharine £ Taxson 
Elementary 'Education 

Jeffrey T. Tetersan 

Business 'Admimstraucn 

■ Finance 

•Maria N •Ptakouaas 

Business 'Administration 


Courtney L Peeyus 

■Than X Ft- eft 
Occupational Therapy 

Shaun IX Pom 
■Business Adminfetration 



AnrJumy -P Tom 

CarUtn M J\jiij>ir.- 

Sarah E- Fapitton 

Wttiiam tj 'Tarra 

Jiusfnesi 'Administratis^ 


Etementaru Idueaticm 

'International 'Business 


Professional YMting 

ColieenM. Pehanieh 
'Political Science 



Janus 'A Toutianas 
'Business Aitmmsrraricn 

70 Seniors 


.. . 

At. xandra M "Pursuit 

Tiw '■■■ 

Hand W I fi 

tinea wministration 

Kriffyn M Haet 
E&mentnra 'EeCucaticn 

uffiuis iHdmfnistrotwn 

W Jv.HK.' 

Musfa "Education 

Kristin tRanure 
Etcmcnfan 'Education 

'Andrew S Turn-In 

S Jumlnu) 

Jv.'lw.-.i i Rom 
Elementary £ducation 

; Ram 


■X'rufin .£ Kiiiit.- 

Susuiss Hamtnistnttian 


OccupatfmaJ T%tram 

BynyW Kttdfc 

i.> L ..iii'.j'i,'itul Therapy 

z: 2003 

Seniors 71 

"Matthew 14- 'Roifers 

•Teresa M ■Riiniin 

Xierstin £ town 

EEftnwntaru Education 

IlantnTary &■ 'Early 

Susimss fldWntsrraium 

ClulMhwl 'Education 


Jessica M. Raswff 
fknwnrtin/ Education 

Tana 'At SaJak 
STnvfommcn&iJ Science 

■Jintricny R. Sadowski 

Mass Communications 

Alison 'At Saiicwski 

•Mtchait T. SanXMO 
Chem istry 

Jesse T Scheetz 
EUmcnhiry 'Education 

Elaine 1 Scfimfcfl 
Music Educortm 

VVufiomJ. Scnnout 

Compurer £ru}itt£.:riruj 

Musk EdiiLiirnii 

You £now you're 

out of college 


~ You go from 130 

vacation days to 7. 

- You go to parties that 

the police don't raid. 


Karen A Scftuftz 

lUmmtnry Education 

Pflmtm C SeqaTTi 
Justness Qdminbtmtvm 
'JnfiTnrujriiiii Systems 


'Rene* L. Sett 

Soc ioQiay- 'AnrhropoUxnj 

AlMf i ■ 


£mm X Sntniman 

iV»ni'.ifi.»i,ii Trurom 

Jadun S Srwustw 



LVm m u n icaticms 
Man Ganimunfcatidiu 

IhlilrU' JT SfalfoTU 

Computer Same* 

'Rachel 'M Singer 
ECcmmtaty Education 


'Nicoti' L. Smith" 
Occupational Tntrapy 

Qc nm atkmal Therapy 

\ou know you re 

out of coTCege 


~ Mac & 1 Cheese no 

(onaer counts as a wefl 

balanced mead. 

-You keep more food 
than beer in the fridge. 


Sarah 'A Srmnj 

■Man Commumcatwm 


'"Don't wad. in front of 
me, 1 may notfolfaw; 
"Don't walk behind me, 

1 may not (ead; 
Wa(k beside me and be 

'Alben Camus 

Seniors 73 

Ryan S. Sriflnutt 

■Miciili G Strfcfitomer 

Business 3*Hninfatrarwti 


Mfrfiaafj StuAltnuer 

Xaura 'A!. Sunoiro 



Jeffrey M Stwpc 

.Vv-'ruian/ Education 

Susouh 2b£iunfstriaEuffi 
Information Susttms 

lE/ikT ij TnoiTMU 
Environmental Sctena 

■Juir/in/ti E Til-Tikis 
7«rmuilii»rui( 'Business 

'Minsju £ J riomas 
Occupational Tfierapy 

"Bridget B. riumtoson 
Environnumtai Science 

Erin J. Thompson 
Business AdministnitUHi 

Elementary Education 

Kimiit-rlv S. Trout 
'Musk Tnsnunf 



fVmmrtirv finiMfiM 


Xrunn ' i 
Etaivntjry ."r £orn 

IXmJ A HVsrwr 
Swsmsj -.Umimsmiru>n 

1 VanSam 

Communications M^rkctm^ 


$ama P Weigher 



Amy C Wattrvek 

Thomas Q Vaughn 
Compuui ' 

I J V.-f.i 


Hataniaty Yiauca 
rial rfiffrapy 

Occupational Tnenuni 

jfatftan £ Mfentftrg 

Susnuss fldmin&rratum 

Attomution Syslmu 

BtlSftUtt Afmtmsmirkm 
jnfiTttuiru'H Suftmu 

Staay M. Wfbzyxun 


.St-iikirs 75 

Cdrtsntw N" Wuson 

'Mass Communications 

Gtrtgory H. VWmnur 

Secondary 'Education 

Socio] Studies 

"MiduieiJ Witnu 

Mdi.-'-a Woodruff 

Maraa L. Woriey 

•Kara J. Wudra 

'Business "Administration 


'Political Science 


Professional Writing 

Lisa •M. Zbyszinski 
Elementary Education 

You know you're a Computer Science major when. 

Asked about your religion you reply "Unix"; 

Your are your own nameserver; 

You know what a namerserver is; 

You think knowing C means you're bilingual; 

You regard emacs users as the enemy. 

Kurhnyn L Zerfuss 
ToCltlcd Science 

TcGttcai Science 

•"Another turning point a fork stuck in the read 
'Time qrais you by the wrist directs you where to qo 
So make the best of this test and don't ask why 
'It's nor a question but a lesson teamed in time 

It's something unpredictable 

'But in the end is nqht 

1 hope you had the time of your fife" 

~Qreen "Day, §ood •R.idance (Time Of Your Life) 


76 Seniors 


to tfi 


Cfass of 2003I 

CjoocCCuck in 
your future 
'Endeavor s\\ 

Seniors 11 



In Loving Memory 

Roommates Erin Duffy and Michelle Klein 

"Thugged Out" 




| i 

fTP ■ 


A (Butterfly Cigbts beside us (ike 

a sunbeam 

And for a brief moment it brings 

its glory, its beauty aCong to our 


(But then it flies on again, 

And aftbougb we -wish it coufd 

have stayed, 

We are so thanfcfulto have seen it 


78 Seniors 


In Loving Memory 

Erin Duffy and Michelle Klein smile for the camera 

Seniors 79 

Senior Week 

Seniors had the opportunity to take pan in many activities planned by 
the A.fumni 'Association aurng their final days at 'Elizabeihtown Col- 
lege. 'The week kicked off with the Piq 'Roast on Wednesday, 'May 14. 
Thursday, "May is, seniors had the opportunity to view the senior 
slideshow, qo golfing or SowCing for prizes as well as enjoy a free movie at 
TAovi-Ttown. The days activities concluded with the 'President's 'Picnic. 
'Friday was yet another busy day with "The 'Morning 'After" breakfast, 
graduation practice and finally the 'Baccalaureate Service planned by 
the Senior Class Senate Members. Senior week was a time for aff to 
reffect on the past four years with those who meant the most. 

-Melissa Woodruff 

ftmunni 'Association Senior (Pig (Roast & (Revue 
Wednesday, May 14, 2003 

80 Seniors 

Senior Week 

Starbucks & Memories at the ftCumni *}(ouse 
T'hursday, *Ma\j 15, 2003 




6pm to ??? 
4B0 Alumni Association 
%^} Senior Pig Roast and 

10 am to 1pm 

Starbucks & Memories 
at the Alumni House 

9:15 am to 10 am 
"The Morning After" 

^^^ m Revue 

11 am to 5 pm 

11 :30 am to 1:30 pm 

Golfing for Greenbacks 

All-College Picnic & The 
Senior Superlative Awards 


11 am 

How to Eat Without 

8pm to ??? 

Looking Like an Idiot 

Baccalureate Service & 


1 pm to 5pm 

Bowling for Bucks! 

Ail Afternoon 

Matinee Madness! 

6pm to ???? 

The President's 
Picnic & Senior Class 

Reception @ Leffler Chapel 

Seniors 81 

Senior Week 

§offing for QreenSacfcsl 
r fkursaay, May 15, 2003 

T'fie President's Wienie &? 

Senior CCass T'oast 
f fkursa r ay, May 15, 2003 

82 Seniors 


»n. .--r-rt.fc.kj".. 


Senior Week 


ftCC CoCCege Picnic & Tfo Senior SuperCative 'Awards 
TricCay, May 16, 2003 

Seniors 83 



84 Seniors 



Seniors 85 


86 Seniors 


Seniors 87 





You are a child of the 80's if: 

Snap bracelets were always getting you in trouble at 


You played with "My Little Ponies"; 

You wanted to be the Hulk for Halloween. 

for thought 


"A friend is one who 
walks in when others 
walk out" -Unkown 
"Friendship is unneces- 
sary, like philosophy, like 
art.. .It has no survival 
value; rather is one of 
those things that give 
value to survival" 
-C. S. Lewis 


You know you are from a small town if: 

You can name everyone you graduated with; 
You used to drag "main"; 
You ever went cow-tipping or snipe hunting; 
School is canceled for state events. 

for thought 

"I can trust my friends. 

These people force me to 

examine, encourage me 

to grow" -Cher 


"Treat people as if they 

were what they ought to 

be and you help them to 

become what they are 

• capable of -Goethe 


Seniors 89 



enior C 

You know you are from Pennsylvania if: 

You have an uncontrollable urge to buy bread and milk 

when you hear the word "snow"; 
You've heard of distelfinks and hex signs; 
You only buy your beer or soda by the case; 
You think the roads in any other state are smooth. 

for thought 




Senior Candids 

You know you are from Long Island if: 

You live in fne shadow of the greatest city in the world, 

but you never go there; 
You know the exact point at which Queens turns into 
Nassau simply on intuition; 
How many times can you use the word "like" in a 




Seniors 91 


1 cm rr 

t*r* ^- 

You know you're a teacher if: 

You can tell it's a full moon without even looking outside; 
When out in public, you feel the urge to talk to strange 

children and correct their behavior; 
You've had your profession slammed by someone who 

would never dream of doing your job; 
Meeting a child's parents INSTANTLY answers the 

question, "Why is this kid like this?" 




92 Seniors 



Senior Candids 

You know you are from Lancaster County when: 

You know where Schoeneck, Salunga, Ronks, & Bird- 

in-Hand are; 

You have "dinner" for lunch; 

Manure smells sweet; 

You know what Lebanon bologna and Scrapple are 

made from but you STILL love them. 



"A new friendship is like 

an unripened fruit-it may 

become either an orange 

or a lemon" -Emma 



"I count myself in nothing 

else so happy; As a soul 

remembering my good 

friends" -William 



Seniors 93 

One Last Look 


94 Seniors 



One Last Look 


Seniors 95 

Aaron C. Jenkins 

Congratulations, Aaron! 

We are all so very proud of you 
and your accomplishments 
during your years at Etown. We 
know you will 
succeed in 
whatever you 
do. Our love 
goes with you, 


Mom, Dad 
and Andrew 

We are all so very proud of you and 
the wonderful young lady you have 
become. Your maturity, integrity, 
responsibility, compassion for 
others and independence are all 
wonderful qualities you possess. 
We wish you all the best and love 
Love, Mom, Dad, Jeremy & Patrick 

Christina Marie Albanese 

We are so happy for you. Wasn't it only 
yesterday that we nervously sent you to 
your ist day of school? We are so proud 
of your accomplishments and the 
beautiful, spiritual young woman you 
have become. God has blessed you with 
much. We know that with his love and 
guidance you will continue to be an 
inspiration to others. Thanks for being 
such a wonderful daughter and sister. 
How blessed we are. 


Mom, Dad 

96 'Proud. 'Parents 



As you go on in life from here, may 
you know that our pride in you 
and all that you have accomplished 
is only exceeded by our love for 
you. Your kindness and 
compassion for teaching children 
will make you a wonderful teacher! 
All our love, 
Mom & Dad, Kevin & Jeffrey 


Bethany Jean Amendola 


We are so very proud of all you have 
accomplished and of the mature 
adult you have become. We 
appreciate how hard you worked to 
achieve your goals. With your 
compassion, tenacity and 
dedication, we know you will 
succeed in all your endeavors. 

We wish you happiness always and 
continued success! 

Love, Mom and Dad 

Cami Melissa Wade 

Congratulations, we are so proud 
of your accomplishments! Now 
take in a great breath of air then 
blow it out. Contained in that 
single breath were at least three 
nitrogen atoms that were breathed 
by every human being who ever 
lived, including Jesus Christ, 
William Shakespeare, and every 
president of the US. This 
illustrates the fact that everything 
we do affects other people. 
Continue being affective in 

people's lives! 


Mom and Dad 

Dear Bethany, 

As a younger brother, I look 
up to you. As a brother, I am 
happy to see you achieve your 
goals. And as your friend, I 
am so proud that you have 
come this far. You've always 
had the drive to succeed and I 
respect that. Good luck and 


Troud 'Parents 97 





No one could be 
"PROUDER" than we are of 
you! You "NEVER GAVE 
UP". We admire your 
strength of character and 
determination. You will be 
the greatest Occupational 
Therapist ever. The greatest 
gift is doing something you 
love. You can and will help 
and change the lives of many 

You should be so "PROUD!" 

Live, Laugh, Love and Enjoy 
Life to The Fullest! "JUST 
DANCE" We love you and 
will be there for you, Always 
Mommy, Daddy and Tipsy, too! 

Kristin Emily Catherman 

on your college 
You have 
become a very 
motivated and 
talented young 
woman, with a 

bright future ahead. Follow your 

dreams and we know you will 

make them come true! 

God Bless You. 

Love, Mom, Dad & Katie 



^j£fefeV '* 


1 *** «*■ 

Amy Elizabeth Simons... 

a woman of talent, spirit and 
heart. You have worked hard 
and done well. Wherever your 
journey leads you, take our love 
along, and know that you will 
always be a shining light in the 
hearts of your family. 
Love, Dad, Mom & Gregory 

"Congratulations Jamers" 

Jamie Marie, 
From the day that you started this journey, which|| 
seems like only yesterday, we have always been 
very proud of you. Although at times you wantedjj 
to give up on this journey but through your 
courage and hard work you have made this great 
accomplishment possible. We know without a 
doubt that you will be one TERRIFIC TEACHER 
as you have already taught us both a lot. 
We are so very proud of you "Sunshine"!!!! 
May all your hopes and dreams come true. 

Mom and Dad 

98 Froud 'Farcins 



It seems like only yesterday we 
held your tiny body in our 
arms. Now you are a beautiful 
and talented woman who has 
accomplished many 
achievements. We have always 
admired your strength to strive 
towards your goals. Continue 
to strive and dream, for you are 
the core of your happiness. We 
are very proud of you. 

Anthony R. Sadowski 

Stacey Ann Hagaman 


This little girl has grown into an amazing woman. 

We celebrate your love of life, your enthusiasm 
for learning and your strength of spirit. We 
admire your hard work, your leadership and your 
commitment to others. We love you. 

You are a wonderful teacher who will enrich the 
lives of many lucky children through your caring 
and dedication. Congratulations on all you have 
accomplished. We are very proud of you and wish 
you every happiness. 

All our love, 
Dad and Mom 

I can't begin to tell you how proud we 
are of you. It has been a pleasure 
watching your many accomplishments. 
You have always been hard working, 
motivated, and appreciative. Follow 
your dreams. We know you will be 

We love you, 

Mom, Dad, & Lauren Grace 

Elizabeth Mary Novak 
Congratulations ! 

We are very proud of you and 
all that you have accomplished! 
We know you had to give extra 
effort in your Internship & 

Now you will be a dedicated 
and caring Social Worker. 
Good Luck and thanks for 
being a wonderful daughter 
and sister. 

Mom, Dad, Anita, Kris & Corinne 

'Proud Parents 99 

Daniel Scott Bogrette 

May all your years of 
education lead you to 
journeys of never-ending 
selflessness and caring. 

Congratulations and many 
blessings always! 

We are extremely proud of 


Mom, Dad, and Family 

Go for it 

Dad and Mom 

i } 

Erin & Michelle 

An Everlasting Friendship 
Made At E-Town 
"With your roommate, best friend, sister, 
soul mate, and now your guardian angel always 
right by your side all four years at E-Town you 
have accomplished your goals! 

You are now ready to become a teacher and 
carry with you all of Erin's great qualities alongj 
with all of yours! 

We are extremely proud of you, Michelle, an 
know you will be a wonderful teacher!" 

All Our Love, 

Mom & Dad 
P.S. You will always have an angel right by you 

Congratulations, Chad! 

We wish you much success 
and happiness. May all your 
dreams come true. We are so 
proud of you and all your 

Love always 
Mom, Dad and Heath 

100 'Trend 'Parents 


Congratulations Mike! 

Your family couldn't be 
more proud of all your 

You'll be a wonderful 

educator one day! 

Love Always, 
Mom, Dad, 

Ryan, Natalie 
& Moochie 

Christopher Kyle Mills 


It seems like only yesterday we 
drove you to E-town to begin 
your college career! Now you 
are graduating. We are all so 
proud of your accomplishments 
and the special young man you 
have become. We admire your 
determination to reach your 
goals. Good luck and thanks for 
being such a wonderful son. 

Mom, Dad, Jason and Pop 

Leigh Ellen Barton 

Congratulations to our smart 

Mom, Dad, Tyler, & Jim 



As you 
continue to 
blaze your 
own trail along 
life's journey, 
my heart will 
continue to 
burst with 
pride. We all 
love you so 

Love, Mom, Gary, Shan, 

Katelyn, Briana & Megan 

and those looking down from 


■Troud ■Parents 101 

Congratulations, Kristin! 

You've come a 
long way with your 
smiles and 
and love. You 
bring sunshine to 
the lives of others 
and now you will 
bring it to the 
children you 
teach. You will 
become a 
dedicated, caring, 
and "crazy" teacher! You fill my heart 
with pride. Good luck and thanks for 
being such a wonderful daughter and 
Love, Mom and Elisa 


Karessa M. Hinchey 

We nurtured you 
and watched you 
grow. You went 
to kindergarten 
with tears in 
your eyes, but 
time has gone by. 
Now we watch as you graduate 
from college. Words cannot 
express how proud we are. We 
know you will make a 

With all our love, 
Dad, Mom, Cory and Dave 


There you were, smiling at us from 
the bus on your very first day of 
kindergarten. My heart was filled 
with love and pride that is still 
spilling over to this day as you 
graduate from college. We will 
forever be by your side. 
Love - Mom, Kevin and Nanny 


Christina Nicole Wilson 

W v ff ffl g^B B From the time 
Stifife »^M**J you were a little 
y baby, we knew 

you would be 
great. We are 
very proud of 
you and all of 
your accomplishments. 
Follow your dreams and heart, 
success will be with you 

Mom, Dad and Michael 

102 'Trend Tarents 


Once a Child, 

Then an accomplished young lady, 

Now , on the threshold of Independent 


Once a Joy at your birth, 
Then Pride in your accomplishments, 
Now . Excitement & Anticipation of your 
Promising Future. 

Our continual Love, Support and Friendship 
Mom, Dad, Mary/Doug, Theresa, Julie/Paul, 

My Dear Jim, 

Congratulations! As you begin new 
chapter in your life. May God guide 
you to have an 
abundance of Love 
& Peace. You're a 
wonderful son, 
and we are so 
proud of you. 

Mom, Dad, 

Catherine & Michael 

• ■ 

Dear KT, 

Congratulations, - 
Seems like only 
yesterday you came 
home to say you wanted 
to go to Elizabethtown. 
Now your dream is 
realized. Look for a 




Always Manage Achievement 
Never Doubting Ability. 

Just Encourage Adventures 
Not Neglecting Enjoyment. 

Forever Instill Success 
Helping Everyone Readily! 

May your future be 
abundant, blessed & cheerful. 

Keep Smiling Proudly & with Love, 

Mom (& Dad from above) 
P.S.- We're so proud of you too! 
Love- A. Diana & A. Jovce 

fraud 'Parents 103 

My Son, Do not forget my teaching, 
but keep my commands in your heart, 
for they will prolong your life many years 
and bring you prosperity. Let love and 
faithfulness never leave you; bind them 
around your neck, write them on the tablet 
of your heart. Then you will win favor and 
a good name in the sight of God and man 
Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean 
not unto your own understanding; in all your 
ways acknowledge Him, and He will make 
your paths straight. Proverbs 3:1-6 

My Son. ...My brother... We are so filled with 
Love for you; for whom you have become as a 
man. As you head on yet another path of life, 
always remember that home is only a heartbeat 
away. Go, now, my son. and love for Him- 
Be the man He created you to be. We proudly 
And humbly thank God for your life. 

Love. ...Dad, Mom, Tim, Jon 


Congratulations on your graduation 
We are deeply proud of all you 

have accomplishec 
and your persisten 
drive. But most of al 
we're proud of thi 
generous, thoughtfu 
& pleasant younj 
woman you have 

Good Luck in your future. May 
all your dreams come True. 

Love always, 
Mom, Dad, Jason & Tiffany 


It's been a long 
4 years with many 
and life lessons. The 
world is at your feet. 
Anything is 
possible. Life is yours for the taking. 
Wherever the future may take 
you, always remember that we love 
you and are so very proud of you. 


Mom and Dad 
Betsy and Becky 



Thanks for sharing your life with 

You have made our world a better 
place to be. 

Mom, Dad, Shannon & Kellen 

104 'Proud Parents 




Nos sentimos muy orgullosos por todas las 
cosas que has logrado en tu vida y admiramos 
tu determinacion para eontinuar trabajando en 
las busqueda de todo cuanto quieres alcanzar. 

Que la vida continue ofreciendote cosas bellas: 

amor, ternura y solidaridad para que 

compartas con todos los que te rodean 

Gracia por ser nuestra especial 

hija y hermana 

Con amor 

Papa, mama y hermanos 

Maggie Martin 

As you have been loved 

may you love. 

As you have been nurtured 

may you nurture. 

As you have been a joy to us 

may you be a joy to others. 

May God go with you 

and bring you peace. 

We are truly grateful for the outstanding 

education E-Town offered and the wonderful 

friendships that were created. 

Congratulations Maggie!!! 

Love you always, 
Mom, Dad, and David 

Nicole Semet 

Congratulations Nicole! 

We are very proud of 

you and your 


always continue to 

reach for the stars. 

May all your hopes 

and dreams for the 

future come true. 

Remember that 

wherever you go in 

life, our love and 

support go with you. 

Mom, Dad, and Jared 


Kristen Teresa Bonini 

Dear Kristen, 

It is hard to believe that you are 
graduating from college. It seems like 
only yesterday you were just starting 

We are so proud of you and your 
accomplishments. We know you will be 
an excellent teacher. GOOD LUCK! 
Mom and Dad 

'Proud 'Parents 105 


Jason Christopher Moore 

Congratulations Jason! 

We are so proud of you and of all you 
have accomplished. We wish you 
happiness and success in all you that 
you do. 

Keep following your dreams and make 
them reality. 

You have our hope for a lifetime of 
happiness, love and peace. 

All our love and support always. 

Love- Dad, Mom, J.D., and Jaime 

Congratulations Kara! 

Much Happiness 

Much Success 

We are very proud of you! 

Mom and Ted 

Melissa Anne Johnson 

Always know we are 
extremely proud of 
you and all you've 
accomplished. From 
preschool, to 
gradeschool, to high 
school, to college, 
you've always had a maturity and 
determination beyond your years. 
These will serve you well throughout 
your life, just as they've helped you 
achieve the many honors and goals you 
have set for yourself. You are 
very special. Follow your dreams. Be 

With all of our love always! 
Mom and Dad 


Adam Gabriel Brophy 

You have succeeded and gained recognition in 
everything you have tried. You have been 
recognized in soccer, music, vocal percussion, 
leadership, management, acting, and most 
importantly for what you have contributed to 
each community you have been a part of. 
Etown has been very good to you and for you. 
We remember dropping you off the first day of 
freshman year and wondering whether you 
would stay. We remember telling you that these 
four years would be some of the best of your 
life. They obviously have been so far. 
You have much ahead of you and you will 
succeed and earn recognition as you have in the 
past. Know that we are here and happy to 
support you in any way possible. You have and 
we are sure you will continue to make us very 
proud. Congratulations!!! 

Mom, Dad, Colin, & Jessica 

106 "Proud Tarents 

Corinne Meredith Larsen 


Be proud of your 

Go confidently in the 
direction of your 

Live the life you've 

Mom and Andrea 

Congratulations Lauren! 

Our baby girl is now a wonderful 
young woman and we are so 
proud of you and all you have 
accomplished! We know your 
drive and determination will 
make you a success in all you do. 
Best wishes always to our angel! 

Mom and Dad 

Dear Krista, 

Teaching is an art. 

We know you will 
create beautiful 
pictures when you 
inspire young 
lives in your 

You have exceeded our 

expectations and made us proud. 

Our love and support will always 

follow you. Congratulations! 
Mom, Dad, and Ryan 


Matt! My how 
you've grown! 
You've worked 
hard, and any 
school would be 

lucky to have you on staff. 

We've enjoyed being part 

your life, and hope we always 

will be. 

Mom, Dad, Joll, & Kate 

'Proud 'Parents 107 



"I hope you 
dance," smile & 
continue to enjoy 
life wherever your 
path takes you. 
Always remain true 
to yourself. Be proud of your 
accomplishments. We love you 
& may you receive the best that 
life has to offer you. 


Mom, Dad, & Robyn 

Crystal Yvonne Dalangin 

We are so proud of your success, 
your hardwork, your talents, your 
skills and accomplishments. You 
truly are a special person. 



Mom and Dad 

Jonathan Lee English 

It seems like only yesterday that you 

were walking home from grade 

school. You were always a joy and a 

gem and we are so lucky to have 

had you. We wish you all good 

things in the future. And KNOW 

you will work very hard to 

accomplish whatever you set out to 

do, for that is YOUR way. 

You are not only our Grandson but 

a very dear FRIEND. 

You always make us proud. 

Love and ALL The Best 
Mom Mom and Pop 


Jonathan Lee English 


We knew when you were just a 
little boy you were SPECIAL, but 

God we never realized HOW 
SPECIAL. We want to THANK 

YOU for 21, almost 22 

WONDERFUL years. You will 

never know how PROUD of you 

we are. We hope someday you 

will have a child that will LIGHT 

up your life, like you do ours. 

"Good Luck" 

Mom and Dad 

108 <Proud 'Parents 


It seems like 
yesterday that you 
were in 

We are very proud of you 
and all that you have 
accomplished. You will be a 
great English teacher. 

You will always be our little 

Dad, Mom, & Matt 

Patricia Lima 
Velame Branco 


Only one's inner strength is 
capable of turning a dream into 

Your courage and determination 
make us feel truly proud of you. 

God bless you! 

Lots of love from mummy, daddy, 
Andre, Adriana and Ana Luiza. 

Kelly Barnstead! 

We are so proud of your 

accomplishments and how 

special you are. Keep striving to 

reach your goals and follow your 

dreams. We love you and wish 

you the best always. 

Mom, Dad, and Keith 

Sarah Elizabeth 


We are very proud of you and all 
that you have accomplished! 

You have been a motivated and 
successful student. Now, you will 
be a dedicated and caring teacher. 
You can and will change the lives of 
many children. 

Good Luck and thanks for being a 
wonderful daughter and sister. 

Mom, Dad, and Laura 

•Proud 'Parents 109 

Kristin M. Warker 

Wasn't August '99 just 
yesterday-when you 
thought May '03 was so 
far off. My, how Etown 
time flies. You have 
accomplished all we knew 
you could and more-both 
in the classroom and on 
the hockey field. You will 
be a remarkable teacher- 
one the students will love 
and admire. We are so 
proud of you! We wish you 
love, luck, and laughter. 

All Our Love, 
Mom, Dad, Steve, Becky & Chris 

Dear Catie, 

We are so thankful 
for the gift of 
having you in our 

Congratulations on your 
graduation and four years of 
outstanding effort and 
May you take the road less 
traveled, speak the wisdom of the 
Lord, and use your talents and 
gifts to bless and touch the lives of 

All our love, 
Dad and Mom 

Kathryn E. Thomas 



*• <«*. -V^.J 

5 "Si.- - - 

Congratulations on reaping 

the profits of your 
hardwork. Keep smiling. 

Mom and Jen 


Your dad and I 
knew great things 
would come your 

way. Now that 

your an adult onl> 

you can fulfill you 

dreams and goals. 

You'll always be 

our "Pumpkin 

Mom and Dad 

110 Troud Tarents 

Pauline Berg 

From your first clumsy steps to your now 

firm stance, we have watched you mature 

and blossom into a beautiful and 

successful young woman. Your 

outstanding accomplishments and 

boundless heart fill us with immeasurable 

pride. We are confident your 

achievements will be many. Stay true to 

yourself and keep smiling. 

Congratulations! We love you! 

LOVE: Mom, Dad, Jason and Grandma 

Congratulations, Tiff! 

You have reached 

another milestone in 

your life. It seems like 

only yesterday it was 

your first day of school. 

Now you are graduating 

from college! 

We are so proud of your 

accomplishments and your hard work 

and dedication. We all wish you 

success in the future and thanks for 

being such a wonderful daughter and 


Our Love Always, 

Mom, Dad, Steph, Court 

Prinny, Destiny & Shya 



You should be so proud of all 
you have accomplished 
during your four years at E- 
town. We are!! 

Mom, Dad, Matt, & Lori 

Nicole Elaine Bills 

From Pre-school to 

college, you have 
always set high goals 
for yourself and we 
are proud of your 
Soon, you'll have many decisions to 
make. We're confident that you'll 
keep your dreams and goals in 
focus and your decisions will 
become easier to make. Most of all 
remember we love you! You will 
always have our love and support 
whatever decisions you make. 
Mom, Dad & Adam 

<Proud Parents ill 



Melissa Woodruff 

We are so very proud of you and all your 

There are no limits to what you can do. 

Your talents, abilities, uniqueness and 

dedication in all that you do will help you 

reach your dreams. 

as you walk into life's journey always 

believe in the unlimited potential that lies 

within you and always keep your belief in 


Don't ever forget how very special you are! 

We Love you so much! 
Dad, Mom, Alicia, Douglas, Jeffrey and Jajy 

Erin A. Auth 

Congratulations! ! 


Mom, Dad, Sadie and 



and Good Luck 

to the 
Class of 2 003! 

112 'Proud Parents 

The Conestogan 

would like to 

express their 

gratitude to all of 

the participating 

Proud Parents 

who contributed 

to the 2003 



•Troud TarentsWi 


Linda Lokey always has a Diane DeArment gives frcl 
smile for hungry students. Learning Center goodies I 

Ryan Conklin. 

Dr. Dwyer teaches the basics 
of Keats and Yeats to his 
English scholars. 

President Long greets the 
freshman at the annual 

Does anyone know what this 

1 14 TacuCty and Staff 


Oh, where, oh where, would we be without our beloved 
faculty? To the students of Etown, the faculty is a perpetual 
resource. The professors understand how stressful and 
overwhelming college can be. Believe it or not, the professors 
were once college students, who despised tough professors and 
adored the less intense scholars. Even though we often think of 
the professors as being the tormentors of our college years, they 
are much more. They are more than the administrators of 8 a.m. 
Monday morning exams. They are the invaluable key to college 

Freshman year is nothing short of an uphill battle. Freshman 
Seminar professors help their students in every way possible. 
Sophomore year is less stressful, but nevertheless, difficult. The 
professors of 200 level classes are more menacing, but not the 
hardest. Junior year, the battle seems won, but its not over yet. 
The professors are just beginning to flex their muscles and push 
students to their limits. When senior year arrives, one may look 
back and think. Wow! He or she made me realize just how much 
potential I have! 

As it may seem, professors are not meant to be our worst 
nightmare. If ever the thought occurs that a class seems harder 
than necessary, just remember, it is said the professor who seems 
toughest will eventually, in the end, be the one who knows your 
full potential. Without professors and college staff, who would 
teach us the wisdom of Aristotle? How would we learn about the 
fibula, radius and ulna? When will diagramming sentences take 
on a meaning? Will I ever pass Probability and Statistics? 
Without this knowledge and these Perpetual Resources at Etown 
us students would be nothing. 

-Brandee Simpson 

TacuCtu and Staff 115 


'Alumni 'Relations 
Christine liorting, 'Bam/ 'Friedly, Jennie Barnds 

'Business Office 
Janele Sload, Nancy 'Kauffman, 'Maria 'Homer; 'Raw 2: 'Diana 
Tieeren, 'Brenda Lanavater, 'Diana Lynn 'Hern, 'Tana 'Tarrett 


6 'Faculty and Staff 

\i m 

College 'Relations 

•Randy Vail, 'Ed 'Uovak, la 
Sfwwcuter, 'Heather QiQespie 

Office of College Life 
'Dean Lisa 'Koog(e, Tat Iwffman 

'Assistant (Dean of College 

Life and (Director oj 

Internationaf Studies 

(Dean James 'Hilton 

Faculty and Staff 1 17 


Office of the President, 
Trovost and treasurer 

(Dave (Dentfer, QCaren 
Ziegfer, (Randy T'rostfe 

Continuing Education and 
(Distance Learning 

(Dawn Syaar, (Deborah Saaar, 
(Barbara Randazzo, Jonn 
%okoCus, (Bianca tfemsch 

118 T acuity and Staff 



Joan 'Kuhn, John Kukri, Tara 
Woffe, Card Lindsey, Tameia 
TAaaonna, 'Mary Qentzier, Sara 
Shaneor, (Russ Weiaman 

'Registration and Records 

Gjforia l{ess, Laureen Lee, Marcie 
'Bahn, 'Debra Weachter, 'Debbie 

Tacu(ty and Staff 119 

Student (Resources 

^Residence Life 

Latrice Tettigrew, Chrisina Martino, 
'Drew Lesicko, 'Honey Valkenburq, 'Bob' 
'Mikus, OCelly Smonns&y 

Campus Security 

(gloria 'Burke, Linda Warner, 

'Kim %finc\er, 'Dale 'Boxjer, Jack 

Longenecker, 'Barry Cochran 

120 Tacufty ami Staff 


Coimsefing Services 

lieverCy Tiscitefli, "Donna 

Qernart, 'Andy Saqar, 'Brcnda 

(Brandt, Cindy 'Ernhartfi 

lieaftfx Center 

Den's 'Miffer, OCatfiy Zubik, 
Sandy Svayd 

TacuCty and Staff 121 

Student (Resources 


(Department includes: T>enise 
SnaiefJCy, 'Karen (Eatfierton, 
•Katliy 'Xeffie, Jofin 'Marisic, Jiff 
Tetronio, Cornelius 1-Ceeren, "Ron 

Learning Center 

Shirley Tfeicfiert and 
'Diane T)e 'Arment 

122 'Faculty and Staff 

vi y 

Nelson 'Bard, Silvia 'Morra, Linda 
(gentino, 'Rtw 2: 'Peter De'Puytd, Joan 
Qyinn, 'Naomi 'Hershey, Sandi 'Hifsfier, 
Sharon (Patrick, Louise Ityaer- 
DarCington, Carol "Warfet 


Student Life Center 

T>eb (Earfy, T'racy Wenqer-Sadcf, 

ancfWifma Spickler 

■Faculty and' Staff 123 

QeneraC Services, 
'Academic 'Departments 

■* ; /fl 1 ■ 

'AthCetics (Department 

'Aimee Seward, jfancij Latimore, 
Yvonne "Kauffman, 'Ian Shcwaiter, 
Cfiuck 'Malay, 'Bob' Schlosser, 
■rfikki 'Rohrbach 

124 Tacufty and Staff 

'Academic Departments 

'Biofoay 'Department 

Jane Cavender, Infancy Samdsky, 
•Diane 'Bridge, tfefen 'Bartfett, 
'Frank Tolanowski, "Ron Lauqhtin, 
Jon Coren, 'Tom Murray, Jim 
THvely, 'Mike Leonardo 


•Business Department 

Jay 'Bufjenmeyer, C. Towefl 'Adams, 
{Elaine Scott, Josepft T. Mofony, 
William J. "Burmeister, Sean CP. 
Melvin, 'Eunice Qinder, 'tfossein 
Varamini, "Maurice tfoype 

■T acuity and' Staff 125 

'Academic Departments 









Communications 'Department 

'Hans-Erik WennSurg, ( Rana r yff 

Yocfer, Matt WeicCman, T'amara 

CjiClis, (jene Effis, Deborah 


Computer Science 

'Barbara T'uffey, Joseph 
Wuruferfich, T'omLeap, Tani 

126 Tacul'ty and Staff 

ToCiticaf Science 'Department 

Tietcfier 'McCteffan, 'April 
'Kefty-Woessner, Wayne 
Sefcner, Taui CjOttfried 

Tsycholoqy 'Department 

Catherine Lemley,Jonn Teske, 

'Betty 'Rider, John 'Ruscio, 
'Delheri 'Ellsworth, 'Paul Dennis 




III - • »,,„,«. ■XHlll 

IL 1 

N \i 

>''»i<* 1 


'Faculty and Staff 127 

T acuity and Staff 

& Staff 


128 TacuCty and' Staff 

T acuity and Staff 


TacuCty and Staff 129 

T^kank you for your dedication and 


130 TacuCty and Staff 

Faculty and Staff 131 

The History Club takes a 
break after climbing Big 
Roundtup in Gettysburg. 

Kelly O' Connor carves a 
pumpkin at Halloween 
festivities sponsored by the 
sophomores in Student 

Marcia Worley, The 
Etownian Style Editor 
works on the weekly 

132 Organizations 

SIFE members sell their 
Etown wares at 






When you come to college at Elizaoethtown, you get a 
chance to meet new people from all around the world. The 
best part is knowing that you get to share your favorite 
hobbies or interests with your new-found friends. Here at 
Etown. there are approximately 100 different clubs in which 
you can join. Have you ever wondered who decides which 
activities happen here on campus? SWEET, Students Working 
to Entertain Etown. may be for you. If you are really interested 
in your major and would love to talk to more people about it. 
there is a club for almost any major. Deanna Little, a board 
member of Habitat for Humanity, which is a club that helps 
give people a place to live said: "The most memorable time I 
had with the club this year was on the spring break trip to 
South Carolina where we worked with four other college 
groups to help build a community of habitat houses. It was 
amazing to see so many people from different walks of life 
come together to help those who are in need of a place to 
live." Habitat for Humanity is just one of the many clubs that 
join together to give others hope and a reason to smile. Kelly 
Niederwerfer, of The Etownian said that the best part of being 
in a club is the sense of belonging. Even if you can't decide 
which club to be in. there are many people that join more then 
one. Rosie Ugliuzza is one of those people, being a member of 
four different clubs. Rosie believes the best part of being a 
member of more than one club is interacting with a lot of 
different people. Rather than working at one club with the same 
people, because it can get boring, you get to work with 
different people and you get to learn more about them and 
yourself in terms of how you work together. One can gain 
many memories and friends by joining an Elizabethtown 
College club. With their many meetings, activities, and events 
they each plan, make sure that you take part in at least one of 
these "timeless gatherings" and enjoy your time here at 

-Jennifer Sheehan 

Organizations 133 

'Bieiocjif Club/Mecficus 

Row 1 : Yasunori Nagahana, Bozho Todorich, Amit Prasad, Paul Sahd; Row 2: Rachael Levine, 
Susan Bender, Amie Shaffer, Jacqueline Sabourin, Courtney Knauss; Row 3: Anne Gordon, Abbas 
Alibhoy, Lindsay Krahn, Robert Burke, Josh Mundorff, Joe Szulewski, Jodi Bachman, Danielle 

Canterbury C(ub~ 
Josh Reeder. Prof. J. P. Benowitz, Amy Benowitz. Thais Petrocelli, Kristin Reinke 

134 Organizations 

Row 1 : Dana Maliniak. Angie Castriota, Jamie Mann, Kim Adams, Nickole Sedgwick, Tracy 
Yenolovich: Row 2: Maeve Marks, Erin Siebert, Christine Buckley, Jennifer Snyder, Jill Gutekunst, 
Amy Wiler; Row 3: Alicia Myer, Leighann Tate, Andrea Steele, Allison Hickman, Emily Stern, 
Amanda Milner 


Deidra Crone. Jennifer Sheehan, Jessica Forte, Melissa Woodruff, Leigh Barton 

Organizations 135 

Emotion 'Dance 

Members include: Laura Plitt, Jenn Reiger. Lindsay Fowlston, Sada Price, Anna Ricardo, Maggie Applegate, Kim Dinger, Melanie 
Jenkins; Row 2: Erin Hartman. Allyson Dawson. Jacqueline Sabourin. Lauren Pepper. Cheryl Sechriest. Sam Smigel. Stacey Hagaman. 
Erin Hartmann. Erika Wentz: Row 3: Christina Jiglio. Heather Clark. Megan Naugle. Audrey Gaddis. Liz Duhai, Katie Kalda. Rachael 
Gasperetti. Katie Derr. Ali Pursley. Christina Buckley. Bnant Wong. Melissa Woodland. Renee Cittidino 


Rowl: Holly Bader, Min Shepherd. Marcia Worley, Kristin Pazulski. Anne Baublitz: 

Row 2: Charissa Jelliff, Lorraine Bonidante, Katie Anderson, Lisa Cawley, Mark Bentz. Stephanie 

Grossnickle, Brandi Norris, Jake Landis, Melissa Anderson 

136 Organizations 

Q-tistory CfuS 
Row I : Michelle Noll. Amy Gundrum. Deidra Crone; Row 2: Andrea Barlow. Curtis Rovenolt. 
Jeff Ludwie 

Tieuman Club 

Rowl:Ahsley Kerns. Vanessa Rudzinski; Row 2: Laura Sardone, Katie Moser, Katie Anderson, 
Sarah Babish: Row 3: Judith McAllister. Matt Berthinet, Fr. Dave Danneker. John Garganta. Ryan 
McGee. Brandi Healey 

Organizations 137 

Office of 'Multicultural 'Affairs 
Row 1: Tiffany Groff, Tameka Jackson, Dean Koogle, Claire Saira. Lovemore Marowa, 
Anase Velasquez, Rajiv Ferndando 

"Rotter tfockey (JV) 

Row 1 : Matt Swavely, Jason Kriedler, Barbara Sohl, Billy Houder, Aaron Koontz; Row 2: 
Tony Buhay, Josh Hall, Josh Bowman, Rob Hettal, Steve Rutt 

138 Organizatit 


Olofler tfockey (Varsiti/) 
Row 1 : Allen Stephanak. Matt Swavely, Greg Caffiero, Christopher Brockman: Row 
2: Jason Kriedler. Steve Rutt, Josh Hall. Dave Dominczyk, James Hayes 

— Ms 

A § ; 

■■ . . 

^^^^^^H A ~~'Xb 

f ni o MmI / 

■Bf. ^^HSS 

wllfrw P^fl ' 

1 H**|<MP| 

■ ■ fc~" ^^^4 


^^^^^^|^H - ^^^^^ 

^^^^^^^^VL ^/ j^B^^^^^BM 



fll ■ 

Sigma Tau (Delta 

Row 1 : Deidra Crone, Lesley Clements, Carleen Palante, Allyson Dawson, Noelle Via, Jake 
Landis, Chris Richmond: Row 2: Marcia Worley, Kelly Barnstead, Sarah Eggler, Lindsay 
Fowlston, Ann Jasnoski, Joy Salvatore; Row 3: Briana Deny, Katie Gerhart, Jeff Sears, 
Stefanie Skoniecki, Jill Bauerlein, Lindy Hockersmith, Julie Moyer, Heather Clark, Jenna 
Nugent, Vanessa Sterling, Afton Kuykendall, Andrea Shearer, Beth Legner 

Organizations 139 

Sock ami 'Buskin 

Club includes: Elyse Shenkman. Amie Haverluk. Carrie Beal. Sarah Owens. Stacey Hagaman: Row 2: Amanda 
Kim, Danielle Shantz, Heather Foy; Row 3:Aubrey Boyd. Ben Delaney, Matt Wood, Lindsey Morrison, Mike 
Sevareid; Row 3: Stephanie Sevelowski, Karl Kern. Andy Kudor. Sarah D'Emilio, Meredith Bamhart, Jess Forte 

Student 'Alumni 'Association 

Row 1: Stacey Toy, Tiffany Maue, Jody Karacz, Sue Trate, Tanya Bintrim; Row 2: Kellie 
German, Ashton Kanter, Bethany Weber, Jenn Clifford, Aaron Jenkins, Ashley Dawson: Row 
3: Kara Wydra, Jennie Barnds. 

140 Organizations 



^jrt^") v VVJ 

StWent Smaf£ 

Rou 1 : Mike Gifford, Chris Mills, Jackie Shoustal, Tarah Balkovic. Pauline Berg. Sadie Bair, Tiffany Maue, Candice Mandrino. 
j Kristin Pazulski. Heather House, Ashley Bergstrom; Row 2: Matt Wert, Amy Collins, Casey McGee, Melissa Templeton, 
Erika Butler. Meghan Toldeo. Ashley Kems. Melissa Maiorello, Allison Shade, Heather Edwards, Melissa Wooodruff, Stacey 
Wilczynski. Melissa Olde, Kate Needham: Row 3: Joe Sahd. Bozho Todorich, Mark Bentz, Stephanie Mellinger, Chris Moy, 
Scott Chamberlain. Vanessa Fritz, Cory Moskowitz, Ryan Chamberlain, Sofia Galaz, Bezhad Varamini, Christina Blaha, 
Dabney Peters. Kyle Kopko. Jason Pino. Matt Aiesi, Ian Dunbar. Mark Boyer. Crystal Dalagin, Matthew Simon, Amy Dessoye, 
Kellv Hennessey. Heather Wolf 

Sludem Senate 

Organizations 141 

142 Organizations 

Get Involved! 


Organizations 143 

144 Organizations 


'By buildinq relations. ..we create a 
source of love and personal pride 
and beloncfinq. that makes fiving in 
a cfiaotic worCd easier. 

Susan Lieberman 

Etown Gets Involved! 

Organizations 145 

Kate Gwilliam steals the ball 
from her opponent as Kim 
Fleager watches the back 

The Men's Lacrosse team is 
on the offense during the 
rainy TGIS weekend. 

The Lady Jays 
Basketball team warms up 
before the big game. 

Maggie Martin makes the 
Cross Country team proud. 

146 Sports 

Rod's Rowdies give praise to Coach Roderick at the 
Pre-Marshmallow game rally. Students went all out 
for this event with music by Melica, prizes, and face 



Athletics is a vital part of collegiate life, and 
Elizabethtown College has many choices for the sports 
savvy. This section is entitled "Everlasting Achievements" 
and celebrates the performances of the men and women that 
dot the courts, turf, and pool throughout the academic year. 
This year. Senior athletes planned their great farewell to 
Etown and the turf, but kept their dreams of winning alive; 
while incoming freshmen were ready to break their own 

As winds grew stronger and the ground colder, athletes 
moved indoors to the pool, courts, and wrestling matt, and 
had yet another chance to make new friends, break new 
records, and leave their mark on Elizabethtown College. 
The 2002-2003 sports season had many ups and downs, 
wins and losses, exciting and sad moments, and many teams 
consisted of young athletes that learned important lessons or 
seasoned seniors that shined on the field, but when the last 
practice is over and the final game is won or lost, both 
spectators and athletes can look back on this year for the 
everlasting achievements we have all accomplished, 
whether it was beating Messiah in the Marshmallow game, 
or making the varsity team. Etown has some new sports and 
great traditions, but all in all this year was successful in the 
athletic department and teams and individuals will have 
these everlasting achievements for years to come. Play on 

-Deidra Crone 

Sports 147 

"This season was tough, but it's a 

learning experience for next year. " 

-Amy We id 

Everlastina Achievements 

Women's Soccer 

The Elizabethtown College Women's Soccer team 
entered the 2002 season with an exceptionally young 
group of girls. Sixty percent of the varsity team 
Consisted of freshman and sophomores. With a strong 
and dedicated veteran leadership of Seniors Kiersten 
Rovve. Eileen Fretz, Taylor Gauvin. Jen Hosie, and 
goaltender Jackie Shoustal. that statistic did not serve as 
a disadvanage to the team. Although the season was not 
what the girls expected, they still worked hard and 
played their best. "This season was tough, but its a 
learning experience for next year," says sophomore 
goalie Amy Weid. The top scorers for the season were 
junior Rebecca Young with nine goals, Courtney 
Phillips wiht eight, Jessie Cromley with five, and 
Danielle Grubb with four goals. 

Three members of the team were recognized for their 
excellent abilities. Defender Megan Halladay was named to 
the third team of the 2002 Verizon/CoSIDA Academic Ail- 
American College Division Women's Soccer Team. " 1 was 
honored to be chosen as an acadameic All- American. I'm 
especially proud because it recognizes both academics and 
athletics, and an equal balance of both is very important to me. 
As far as the season goes, it had its ups and downs. 1 learned 
alot about myself as a player and teammate, and 1 look 
forward to giving my all next year and showing everyone 
what Etown soccer is all about," says Megan. 

The team ended the season with a 9-10-1 record overall and 
4-2-1 record and reaching the semifinals in the Common- 
wealth Conference. Despite their efforts, Susquehanna 
knocked the Blue Jays out of the playoffs, but the Lady Jays 
look forward to next season. 

-Kellianne Hopkins 

2002 Women's Soccer 

Top: George Nimo, Bill Becher, 
Katierose Riegger, Becca Young, 
Lmdsey Bosko, Lindsay Krahn. Jackie 
Shoustal, Kelly Drumel, Ilanna Unger, 
Henrik Madsen. Barry Dohner; 
Middle: Tara Wolfe, Kellie LaForge. 
Eileen Fretz, Taylor Gauvin, Jenny 
Hosie, Jennifer Trenkamp. Megan 
Halladay, Sara Hassinger. Amy 
Fredrick. Amy Wied. Pamela Ostroski: 
Bottom: Danielle Grubb, Heather 
Newswanger, Jeanette Halstead, 
Michelle Erney, Aileen Musser, 
Kierston Rowe, Robin Felix. Courtney 
Phillips. Becky Wise. Shannon Don, 
Jessie Cromley. Not pictured: Lindsay 

148 Spirts 

Freshman Heather Newswanger steals 
the hall from Scranton. 

Junior Amy Frederick succeeds in 

Jeannette Halstead blazes down the 
soccer field. 

Kelly LaForge stops the ball from 
going out of bounds. 

Sports 149 

"The season was an emotional roller coaster. We were head- 
ing for excellence after beating Messiah, then plunged with 
the loss. But we grew together as a team and will return to 
fly high as the Blue Jays, united." 
~ Chase Franklin 

Everlasting Achievements 

Men's Soccer 

True to the tradition of outstanding Blue Jay soccer, the 
2002 season was by any measure a success, with 14 wins. 3 
ties and 3 losses bringing the school's record, in sixty-one 
seasons, to the remarkable total of 72-216-74 (73.7%). Even 
more notable is that Coach Roderick is credited with more 
than half of the wins in his twenty years. 

Over the course of this season the team fluctuated be- 
tween tentativeness and greatness. Opening the year by 
winning Rochester's Flower City Tournament, the Blue Jays 
experienced the disappointment of not winning their own 
Classic the next weekend. The return of the Bronzed Boot 
from Franklin & Marshall was followed by the first loss, to 
nationally ranked Drew. In the same week of the second 
loss, to Muhlenberg, the team outplayed Albright, 4-0. and 
impressively defeated TCNJ 3-1. continuing on to a seven 
game winning streak, including Homecoming against York. 
3-1. Hope and promise skyrocketed with the win against the 
to-be Division III National Champions. Messiah. 1-0. 

Having won the Commonwealth Conference title, a cruel 
twist of fate ended the season with a loss against Moravian in 
the Conference playoffs, a team Etown had not lost to in 
thirty-two years! A good season was blemished by 

2002 Men's Soccer 

Kevin Weiler. Andrew Kummerer, 
Charlie Haines, J.T. Liss, Ryan 
Wattenschaidt, Tim Filewicz, Sean 
Smith. Alex Marshall, Jamie Cook, 
Zach Eddinger, Brian Zalasky, Brian 
Albrecht. Drew Wiley, Jim DiPino, 
Chase Franklin, Brad Confer. Edwin 
Tichenor. Bryan Noll. Shawn 
McCarthy. John Aronowitz, Will 
Ellerman. Matt Zimmerman, Chris 
Boushell. Chris Graham, Mike Ciattei, 
Phil Brynildsen, Steve Custer, Brian 
Healy, Dan Latham, Casey Moore, 
Coaches: Jason Petronis and Skip 

irregularity. In the striving for greatness, inexplicable losses 
are the hardest to absorb. Steve Custer said. "We had high 
hopes, the season was going well, we hit the wall of 

But beyond disappointment is the measure of maturity. 
Seven students were recognized as Conference All-Stars: 
Ciattei. Confer, Haines. Kummerer-first team, Custer. 
Franklin. Wiley-second. The honor of All-American was 
awarded to Captain Brad Confer. With only the loss of two 
seniors, a hardened, more mature team will return and the 
confidence of the Blue Jay tradition will carry on. 

Tapping into the afterthoughts, we remember the year 
with these words by Charlie Haines: "A great trip to 
Rochester brought a young team together as one. This would 
show as the year progresses." Chase Franklin stated. "The 
season was an emotional roller coaster. We were heading for 
excellence after beating Messiah, then plunged with the loss. 
But we grew together as a team and will return to fly high as 
Blue Jays, united." 

-Brad Confer & Gene Clemens 

150 Sports 

Charlie Haines scans the open Held for 
a defender while controlling the hall. 



*\ 1 

p .— - » 


Goal Keeper Michael Ciattei stops the 
opponents' goal. 

Casey Moore goes in for the head shot 
against West Chester. Brad Confer 
runs the ball down the field. 

Sports 151 


Everlasting Achievements 

Field Hockey 

The 2002 Elizabethtown Field Hockey team 
proved to be as strong a team as any this fall. This 
year the field hockey team, lead by first-year coach 
Aimee Seward, proved to be almost relentless. 
Everyday the team exerted themselves at practice 
striving to improve their endurance and skills, 
ultimately to be the best in the conference. The 
team proved to be one of the best as they sailed 
through 1 1 of their 1 5 regular season games with a 
9-2 record, and in the lead of the MAC Confer- 
ence. The team earned its first NCAA ranking 
since 2000, and ranked as high as 16th during a six 
game winning streak. 

Sadly, the field hockey team ended their season 
in an 8-1 loss in the MAC Conference Semi-Final 

game against the Messiah Falcons. Although this 
loss prevented them from continuing the season, 
the unofficial season prevailed due to this group's 
outstanding efforts. 

Three members of the 2002 Elizabethtown Field 
Hockey team were named to the All-Common- 
wealth Conference teams: seniors Brandy 
Espenshade and Mindy Nace and junior Kate 
Gwilliam. Espenshade also earned a spot on the 
All-South Atlantic Region Second Team and was 
chosen to represent Elizabethtown at NFHCA 
North/South Senior All-Star Game in Springfield, 
MA. Next year the Blue Jays look to carry on their 
success and add to their current accomplishments. 

-Molly Walker 

2002 Field Hockey 

Seated: Traci Brenner. Christina 
•DiLiello. Lisa Zbyszinski, Kelly 
Miller, Vanessa Fritz; Row 2: Lisa 
Marquette. Laura Williams. Denise 
Gannon, Kristin Warker, Jama 
Weigher. Jennifer Walker, Mindy 
Scheler, Brandy Espenshade. Teresa 
Miorana; Row 3 : Aimee Seward, 
Heather Morgan. Emily Shaak, Mindy 
Nace, Lauren Potosky, Katie 
Hershberger, Kate Gwilliam. Kim 
Fleager, Samantha Stever, Sarah 

152 Sports 

Liz Zbyszinski, Jennifer Walker, and 
Christine DiLiello scramble for the 

Kate Gwilliam tries to steal the ball 
during a warm up. 

Lauren Potosky saves the ball from 
going out of bounds. 

Heather Morgan guardes the sidelines 
while Samantha Stever covers the 
back field. 

Sports 153 


Everlasting Achievements 

Cross Country 

Both the men's and women's cross country teams 
enjoyed more success during the 2002 season than any 
year in school history. The men's team dominated the 
Middle Atlantic Conference for the fourth consecutive 
year and four seniors, Dustin Scott, Dave Berdan. Mike 
Zwatty, and Keith Greenawalt will leave Etown never 
having lost a conference championship. The Jays went 
on to win the Mid-East Region for the first time in 
program history and by the close of the season, the men 
had achieved 9th place, capping off the season with a 
15th place finish at the NCAA National Championship 
in Northfield, MN. Their secret to success? According 
to senior captain, conference and regional individual 
champion. Dustin Scott, "Our team is an amazingly 
dedicated group of guys that know what it takes to 
succeed at disance running. Every day we push each 
other to make each other work better.. .if you don't work 
hard you get left behind." 

Blue Jays to garner All-Region status include Scott, Matt 
Rockwell, Berdan, Jose Miranda, Sanko, and freshman Greg 
Wetzel and Coach Straub made MAC Coach of the Year. 

The women also achieved the program's highest 
conference finish since 1995 and regional finish ever by 
placing fourth and 1 lth, respectively. The Jays number one 
runner, freshman Bri Lambert felt, "The improvement from 
last year to this year is the beginning of a turn around in 
women's cross country." Lambert became the first woman 
in four years to earn All-Conference honors by finishing 
13th at MACs. The women's success was achieved by a 
team composed of lone senior Co-Captain Maggie Martin 
and a group of 1 6 under classmen who according to veteran 
Martin, "shared an unbreakable bond." The 
accomplishments of this young team lead by Mike Dager, 
are an indication of great things to come. 

-Melissa St. Clair and Betsy Burroughs 

2002 Men's Cross Country 

Row 1 : Keith Greenawalt, Blue Jay; Row 
2: Coach Straub, Josh Lyman, Matt 
Miller, Dave Berdan. Jose Miranda, Nate 
Moore; Row 3: Matt Rockwell, Dustin 
Scott, Mike Zwatty, Greg Wetzel, Sean 
Mulcahy, Chris Williams, Steve Sanko 

2002 Women's Cross Country 

Row 1: Maggie Martin. Jill Probst, 
Kelly Harris, Melissa St. Clair; Row 
2: Taryn Barker, Amanda Santore, 
Rachel Voight, Alexa Harding, 
Sarah Rever, Liz Heppard, Trisha 
Furman, Lindsey Gmenawald, Kim 
Whalen, Jessica Lind, Bri Lambert, 
Coach Mike Dager 

1 54 Sports 

Bri Lambert leads the Blue Jays, earn- 
ing All Conference honors at her first 
MAC meet. 

The Blue Jays lead the way with Dave 
Berdan followed by Steve Sanko (6) 
and Jose Miranda (7). 

Matt Rockwell finishes strong as MAC 
Runner Up. 

Freshman Taryn Barker ( 168) and 
Danielle Frye (170) compete in their 
first conference championship. 

Sports 155 


Everlasting Achievements 

Women's Tennis 

The Women's Tennis team had a great 2002 sea- 
son. The overall record was 6-8 and the team also 
made it to the MAC Commonwealth Conference 
Championships, walking away with a 3-4 record. 
The team had a great start to the season with a 6-3 
win over DeSales University, picking up four points 
in the singles matches. Melanie Parenteau won 6-3, 
Lisa Abel 6-2, 7-5, and Lisa Mervine won the first 
singles match of her college career. Heckler and 
Parenteau won doubles 8-4 for Etown. The team had 
a loss against Scranton. but the ladies redeemed 
themselves with a win 7-2 over Lebanon Valley. 
They continued the season with a four game losing 
streak to Franklin and Marshall. Muhlenburg. Mes- 
siah, and Moravian. 

Etown snapped out of this by blasting Goucher on the 
road 8-1, while Lisa Mervine registered a crushing 6-0 
win to improve a team-best 6-2 in singles play in 2002 
Falling to Susquehanna and Juniata, the women 
changed the record to 3-7 overall, but overcame the 
defeat by winning the next three matches. The ladies 
crushed York, Albright, and Widener, before heading 
to the MAC Championships. Elizabethtown's doubles 
team of Parenteau and Kristy Trimbey reached third 
round of the MAC's before bowing out of the 
tournament, while Lisa Abel and Mervine made it to 
the second round. Senior, Erin Thompson, also 
prevailed this season by being named to the All 
Conference team for the Commonwealth Conference 
in women's tennis. 

-Maeve Marks 

2002 Women's Tennis 

Row 1: Loni Heckler, Kristy 
Trimbey, Lisa Mervine, Erin 
Thompson, Melanie Parenteau, 
Lisa Abel; Row 2: Katie Derr, 
Courtney Knauss, Taryn Reppert, 
Stephanie Costello, Kerri Caskey, 
Melissa Altemose. Coach Matt 


The Lady Jays greet their opponent 
Albright College. 

Katie Derr scores against Alhright 

Kerri Caskey powers one out of the 
back court. 

Kristy Trimbey gets some air while 
defending the home court. 

Sports 157 

Everlasting Achievements 


The girls" Volleyball team began the 2002-2003 
season wanting to make the playoffs while still 
having fun. Captains Dawn Johns, Tess Romiti, 
and Emily Morris led the team through many 
hardships and milestones. In the end they came up 
just short of reaching the playoffs. The Blue Jays 
finished with a 15-16 record overall, making that 
the highest win record since 1996. 

The team welcomes Randall Kreider as their 
new head coach and Jillian Sipe as their new 
assistant coach. Sophomore Ashley Wade said, 
"Randall did a great job making the transition of 
assistant coach last year to head coach this year. He 
cares a lot about the team and pushes us to use 
everything we have; he showed us the reason why 
we play." 

During Homecoming weekend the team pulled 
together to break a three game losing streak by 
blowing out Neuman 3-0, improving their record to 
10-13 overall. 

One of the highlights of the season was the 
Goucher tournament. Romiti was proud of how the 
team played, "We played great and ended up 
second in the tournament. We played a nationally 
ranked team, but held our own against them." 
Other highlights of the tournament included fresh- 
man Meghan Gowens breaking the old program 
record with 1 1 service aces in a game. Also, Johns 
had eight kills to become just the eighth player in 
the 24-year history of the volleyball program to 
total 800 or more kills in a career. In the Blue Jay 
Classic Tournament Morris received MVP and the 
Jays finished third. 

With little player turnover, next year's team 
looks to be competitive. Wade believes, "with only 
two seniors graduating this year the team is look- 
ing forward to next year's season. The team as a 
whole has a lot of volleyball talent and we just 
need to learn to string everything together." 

-Victoria Rowan 

2002 Volleyball Team 

Row 1: Liz Shelley, Jamie Hudzik, 
Melissa Maioriello, Emily Morris, Tess 
Romiti, Laura Kuiv: Row 2: Jillian 
Sipe, Celeste Longwell, Dawn Johns, 
Kim Mather, Erin Malone, Deanna 
Selby, Ashley Wade, Meghan Gowen 

158 Sports 

Meghan Gowens, Liz Shelley and 
Emily Morris scramhle for the ball. 

Tess Romiti returns the ball while her 
fellow teammates Ashley Wade, and 
Meghan Gowens come to her defense. 

Sports 159 

Everlasting Achievements 

Men's Basketball 

For the second consecutive year the 
Elizabethtown Men's Basketball team has 
achieved the remarkable title of Commonwealth 
Conference champions as well as making it to the 
NCAA Division III tournament the second year in 
a row. Senior star center Jon English remarked, "I 
don't even think we were thinking about the 
NCAAs in the conference title game. We wanted 
the Conference championship and the NCAA tour- 
ney was a bonus. Overall, its been a really good 
year." The cause for such a good year is a 
combined effort by Jon English and Coach Bob 
Schlosser, one of the most respected and talented 
scholastic coaches in Pennsylvania. Even though 
the team was defeated 74-69 by Montclair State in 
the first round of the NCAA tournament, the Blue 
Jays closed their season with a record of 18-9. 

"The NCAA first round game was really 
tough to take. We got up 15 early and knew all 
we had to do was finish them off. Obviously, 
we didn't do those thing, but that doesn't take 
away from a successful year and MAC Cham- 
pionship," said Senior Brian Loftus. 

The Elizabethtown College Men's Basketball 
team is a serious contenter in Division III, and 
all the fans of the fighting Blue Jays will be 
following them for a long time. If there is one 
thought guiding the basketball program one year 
after the beginning of its run to the NCAA 
Divison III Final Four, it is. "There's no going 

~B.R. Delaney 

2002-2003 Men's Basketball Team 

Row 1: (Kneeling) Greg Adams, 
Jim Barron, Ian Daecher, Kyle 
Stem, Graham Smith, Ben 
Tannous, Jon Connor; Row 2: 
Darryl Brown, Chris D'Emilio, 
Dan Keane, Chad Heller, Jon 
English, Kyle Conrad, Andrew 
Flynn, Brian Loftus 

160 Sports 

The team huddles with Coach 

Your not scoring this time! Etown 
defends the home court. 

Darryl Brown looks for an opening on 
the court against Moravian. The Blue 
Jays beat Moravian 96-64. 

He shoots—he scores! 

Sports 161 

Everlasting Achievements 

Women's Basketball 

The Elizabethtown College Woomen's Basket- 
ball team fought their way through this season. 
The team began its season 1-2 at a tournament in 
Virginia. Their official conference season began at 
home in Thompson Gymnasium against Widener. 
The girls won 66-58. This year's team, a very 
young one with seven freshmen, improved last 
year's record. Last year the Lady Jays finished 6- 
19. only to be topped by this year's 8-17. Though 
they improved from last year, they stil had to face 
inconsistencies. They ended up just missing a 
play-off spot, but are trying to improve the record 
of two years ago. In 200 1 . the team made it to the 
Sweet Sixteen and the freshmen hope to see this 
before they graduate. There was a large amount of 
injuries this season including senior Jess Smith, 
who only played in five games. 

Also, Cherissa McCoy missed most of the season 
due to an injury, but managed to come back and 
become an integral part of the team. 
As leading freshman scorer, Cristin Braun said, "Our 
team went through alot of adversities throughout the 
season, but it was because of adversity that made us 
a stronger team. Each game we improved and became 
more of a team." The Lady Jays continue to look 
stronger for the next season and all of the players, 
mostly underclassmen are expected to return. Next 
year, the Women's Basketball team will only have to 
say goodbye to two seniors and little by little they 
are gaining experience and hunting for wins. Braun 
sums it up best. "We have a great future ahead of us, 
this is only the beginning, there is much more to 

-Katelyn Hamm 

Women's Basketball Team 

Team includes: Cristin Braun. Chris- 
tina Buso. Mary Wismer. Kara 
Terhune. Megan Wolfe, Adrienne 
Franchi. Cherissa McCoy. Jessica 
Hollinshead. Dana Voit, Jamie Nace, 
Jenny Roberts. Addie Cawley. Amy 
Nawoczenski. Yvonne Kauffman 

162 Sports 

■ I 1 . 'II 1 11 ^^| ^^H~~~ 

_ 1 1 im! 1 ' IJ vl'H ^^^m 



L 11 if! 

H r ' ? >X^c 

■r iSm 




Megan Wolfe looks for a clear path to 
throw the ball. 

Jess Hollinshead makes a steal against 
Lebanon Valle\ . 

Dana V'oit waits her turn to enter the 
game against Albright. 

One last huddle before the game. 

Sports 163 

"It was a learning year, where the team stuck 
together and did plenty of rebuilding." 

-Paul Sahd 

Everlasting Achievements 


2002-2003 wrestling season proved to be successful, 
headed by a new coach and some new faces. Arlen 
Mummau began the season with high expectations and 
received nothing short of that from his wrestlers. The 
0-10 dual match record certainly didn't reflect the 
positive attitudes shown by coaching staff and the 
wrestlers. The team demonstrated mental and physcial 
toughness throughout the season, and their spirits never 

The new faces this year include sophomore Matt 
Eder, who finished with a record of 7-11 in the 165 
pound weight class. He lead the team along with Eric 
Guise. with three pins. "Even though we didn't have a 
full squad, the team pulled together and persevered," 
said Matt Eder. Tom Elicker finished the season with a 
2-13 record to bring his total record to 5-21 in the 133 
pound class and finished with one pin. 

Due to a drop in recruiting the wrestling team had a smaller 
roster, which meant they would not score as well at dual matches, 
invitationals, and the MAC's. This setback proved the group 
of men were mentally prepared for the season. "Even though 
we had a small team, it helped us become a close knit group 
that grew as the season progressed," commented Tom Elicker. 
Of the eleven wrestlers, ten were freshman and sophomores, 
with one junior, Eric Boyle. At the 125 pound weight class, 
Eric finished the season with a record of 5-4, making his career 
record 20- 1 2. Freshman Paul Sahd summed up the season best 
when he said, "It was a learning year, where the team stuck 
together and did plenty of rebuilding." Three freshman and 
seven sophomores gained experience throughout the year that 
will help them build for future seasons. With a few additional 
weight classes open, the future of Elizabethtown's wrestling 
team looks very promising and Joe Sahd believes, "the 
determination and focus will carry us ito the future." 

-Pete Simon 

2002-2003 Wrestling Team 

Members include: Eric Boyle, Vince 
Camacho, Matt Eder, Tom Elicker Jr. 
Jeremy Gatens, Eric Guise, Brian 
Issac, Michael Mayberry, Eric 
McCrady, Joe Sahd, Paul Sahd 

fi A 

164 Sports 










Sports 165 

Everlasting Achievements 


The 2002-2003 swimming season proved to be 
eventful and triumphant. Despite losing many key 
swimmers from the previous season the incoming 
freshmen proved to be more than adequate. The new 
team astounded Etown at its four home meets with 
cheers and more enthusiasm. Captains Cristen Cumor. 
Kaitlyn Ellis. Scott English and Casey Moore lead the 
team through a vigorous meet schedule that required 
many miles on the bus and in the pool. Freshman Brian 
Thudium felt the team "met and exceeded my expecta- 
tions and it introduced me to college life, athletics, and 
provided me with an immediate group of friends." 

Each season begins with championships as the ulti- 
mate goal in February. Every set swum, every weight 
lifted is one step closer to perfection. Although the 
teams were met with harsh competition, individually 
they were victorious. Along with in-conference meets, 
the team participated in eight out-of-conference events 
including the intense three day F&M Invitational. 
Moore defended his MAC titles by winning the 100 and 
200 yard free style and 200 yard individual medley. 
First year swimmers, Ryan Loesser and Thudium. and 
returning swimmer English all placed in the MAC's. 

The women's side faired just as well, if not better, with 
representation in the 100 yard breaststroke with Christina 
Blaha, Cristen Cumor, and Katie Fairman placing in the 
top twelve of the conference. Jodie Bachman increased the 
point total on the women's side by placing 1 0th in the 400 
yard individual medly and 11th in the 200 yard butterfly. 
Also, contributing was Holly Gish in the 100 and 200-yard 
medley. The talents of Blaha and Gish combined with Stacey 
Benton and Kristen Kuc to place third in the 200 yard 
medley relay. The season will not be easily forgotten with 
the constant outbreaks of scurvy, the nutcracker once again 
winning Toys for Tots, and the start of injured swimmers 
anonymous, the unforgettable team vacations. Hell Week 
in tropical Elizabethtown and our extended weekend 
getaway to Selinsgrove. The six graduating seniors will be 
forever missed, but they will miss out on many more 
adventures to come. Thank you for the spectacular 

-Scott English and Stacey Benton 

2002-2003 Swim Team 

Row 1: Katie Fairman, Christina 
Blaha, Jodie Bachman, Holly Gish; 
Row 2: Elizabeth Martin, Cynthia 
Ippolito, Kaitlyn Ellis, Mariah 
Manning; Row 3: Stacey Benton, 
Catherine Shadier, Kristen Kuc, 
Stacey Limbach, Tatiana Roll; Row 
4: Megan Sweeney, Johanna Hyde, 
Cristen Cumor; Row 5: Ryan 
Loesser, Jenn Nonnemacher, Tarah 
Sadak; Row 6: Jason Pino, Tim 
Matlack, Casey Moore, Thomas 
Vaughn, Brian Thudium 

166 Sports 

Pictures from top to Bottom: 

Swimmers line up to honor the flan 
during the Star Spangled Banner. 

Swim team seniors pose for a picture 
including Scott English, Tara Sadak, 
Stacey Benton. Kristin Cumor, 
Raitlyn Ellis, and Tom Vaughn. 

The Etown men and women get 
psyched up before a swim meet. 


Sports 167 

Everlasting Achievements 


Keith Marks returned as head 
coach in 2003 and lead the 
Elizabethtown Golf team to another 
successful season. The teams' season 
was highlighted by two first place 
finishes which included defending the 
Alvernia Invitational and a victory in 
their own tournament, the Blue Jay 
Classic. In the Middle Atlantic 
Conference (MAC) Championships 
held at the end of the season, the Blue 
Jays finished fourth out of 14 teams. 
Junior Charlie Haines continued his 
solid play and had the team's lowest 
stroke average with a 77.9. Senior Chris 
Bowen-Ashwin was second with a 79.8 

Bobby Stiffler and Josh Hall also were 
influential to the teams success and had an 80.6 
and 81.1 average respectively. Co-Captains 
Haines and and Bowen-Ashwin were recognized 
as First Team All-MAC at the Conference 

The top ten players in the conference 
received an award and Haines finished fourth 
followed by Bowen-Ashwin with a nineth place 
finish. Stiffler recieved Second Team Honors. 
The future for this team is bright. The Blue Jays 
will lose Bowen-Ashwin next season, but the 
rest of the team will be returning. Charlie Haines 
and Bobby Stiffler will be looking to lead the 
team next season as they hope for some younger 
players to step in and contribute. 

-Chris Bowen-Ashwin 

2003 Men's Golf Team 

Team members include: Chris Bowen- 
Ashwin, Charlie Haines. Kevin 
Bryner, Spencer Butz, Josh Hall, Luke 
I l.ilkim. Bobby Stiffler, Wesley 
Warehime and Coach Keith Marks 

168 Sports 











Sports 169 

Everlasting Achievements 


Going into the 2003 baseball season, the Blue 
Jays were faced with many heavy questions: 
Would the Jays be able to bounce back after 
graduating six seniors? Could their young pitching 
staff handle the pressure of performing in confer- 
ence play? Who would step up and carry the young 
squad to the playoffs? After starting the season off 
0-2 in their first two games in Florida, the Jays 
quickly turned things around for the rest of the 
spring training trip. They headed back up to frigid 
Pennsylvania with a 5-2 record, as well as high 
expectations for this team's chances at a confer- 
ence title. Needless to say, those hopes were 
delayed for quite some time as Mother Nature 
caused a great deal of sloppiness and confusion. 
Many non-conference games from the original 
schedule had to be cancelled due to inclement 
weather. However, they did manage to squeeze in 
a 12-8 victory over 14th ranked Johns Hopkins in 
March, causing heads to turn on a national level. 

Although their play in the conference did not meet the 
Jays' high standards, they still managed to finish first 
in the Commonwealth Conference with a 12-9 record, 
affording them the # 1 seed heading into playoffs. In 
the playoffs, the Jays lost their first game to Messiah 
College, but their next two against Moravian and 
Albright, placed them in the Commonwealth 
Conference final with Messiah. Yet again for Messiah, 
their pitchers proved masterful, shutting out the Jays 
5-0 to bring their season to an end. They finished up 
21-14 overall, one of the team's best record in years. 
Individually, the Jays had many standouts who received 
recognition in the conference. Steve Luongo, Mike 
Nocar, Adam Rebert, Damian Jones. Matt Woehnker. 
and Brad Duppstadt were all named to the All- 
Conference teams. Impressively, Duppstadt recieved 
the highest recognition of all, Commonwealth 
Conference MVP. The Jays will only graduate one 
senior and look forward to next year and many years to 
come as they will continue to be a perennial powerhouse 
in the Commonwealth. 

-Mark Dixon 

2003 Baseball Team 

Team includes: Brian Bonner, Jon 
Weitz, Seth (inula. Steve Luongo, 
Eric Wetzel, Brad Duppstadt, Matt 
Woehnker, Jon Chwirut, Mark 
Bentz, Adam Shephard, Erik 
Sawchuk, Mike Nocar, Austen 
Hannis. Jon Kalejta, Drew Kelley, 
James Watts, Damien Jones, Eric 
Guise, Mark Dixon, Adam Rebert, 
Matt Eshenour 

170 Sports 

Matt Woehnker gets ready for the 

Austen Hannis guards the outfield. 

Mark Dixon gets praise from his team- 

Sports 171 

Everlasting Achievements 


After being voted to finish dead last by 
the 2002 Conference Pre-season Coaches Poll, 
the Blue Jays did everything but that. After 
having two consective losing seasons, losing 
nine seniors from the 2001-2002 team; most 
thought it would be a slow rebuilding year for 
the Lady Jays. 

A rebuilding year it was not! The Lady 
Jays under the leadership of head coach Diane 
Lokey finished an outstanding 19-15 overall 
and second in the Commonwealth Conference 
with an 8-6 record. 

The batts were headed up by Emily 
Morris, Kristyn Race and Kate Sharkey 
with Kelly Johnson, Ashley Sprenkle and 
Lindsey Bowe leading the way on the 
field. Michelle Morris was name Confer- 
ence Co-Pitcher of the year. 

Emily Morris, Michelle Morris, Kristyn 
Race and Kate Sharkey were named to 
the All Conference Team. All in all the 
Lady Jays had one successful season. 

-Melissa Woodruff 

2003 Softball Team 

Team includes: Emily Morris, Linda 
Nilsson, Kate Sharkey, Megan Balmer, 
Allison McCullen, Ashley Sprenkle, 
Kellie LaForge, Lindsey Bowe, Tiffany 
Inch, Kelly Johnson, Kristyn Race, 
Erin Gallagher, Sarah Lengel, Erin 
Malone, Diana Aria, Michelle Morris, 
Ashley Davenport. 

172 Sports 

The Lady Jays plan their strategy in 
the huddle. 

Erin Malone defends the base. 


• 4 





• • 


" ,— ' 

• - - J 


Kristyn Race catches a high ball in the 

You're out! 


Sports 1 73 

Everlasting Achievements 

Men's Tennis 

This year the Men's Tennis team finished 
the regular season with a 1 2-4 record, with 
a 5-2 record in the MAC Commonwealth 
League. This gave the Blue Jays their 
highest win total and best winning percent- 
age since 1998. The team was lead by Head 
Coach Matt Helsel, for the second year and 
student leaders, Andy Borzok and Sude 
Dhillon. Sophomore Greg Voshell, was 
Etown's number one single player, and also 
finished in the doubles competition with 
senior Co-Captain Sude Dhillion at the 
MAC Individual Men's Championships. 
Though the Blue Jays did well this year, the 
team consisted of new members. The new- 
comers included sophomore Josh Miller, 
and freshmen Antonio Oliveira, Santiago 
Ramirez, and Maurits Dekker. 

This season Coach Helsel improved net play 
and overall agressiveness, as well as the 
doubles game. All of these improvements 
aided the Blue Jays greatly. The team this 
year improved its consistency and court 
coverage from a combination of anticipation 
and speed, which improved as the season 
continued. The Blue Jays had a remarkable 
year, considering the team is young. With such 
a good record his season, this gives us much 
anticipation for next year! 

-Trish Furman 

2003 Men's Tennis 

Row 1: Josh Miller, Andy 
Borzok, Maurits Dekker, 
Antonio Oliveira; Row 2: 
Greg Voshell, Sude 
Dhillon, Martin Ramirez, 
Coach Helsel 

174 Sports 

Andrew Borzok slums one out of the 
back court. 

Josh Miller gets some air time going 
for the save. 

Martin Ramirez stands on the defen- 

Maurits Dekker uses his height to his 
advantage for the high shots. 

Sports 175 

Everlasting Achievements 

Track and Field 

The 2003 Men's Track and Field team had a 
record setting season this year. With a small roster 
and no throwers, they captured the schools' first 
ever track title at the 2003 MAC Indoor Champi- 
onships and finished 4th. Etown accumulated 12 
medals, including seven gold. Gold Medalists were 
Jason Patterson in high jump, and triple jump. 
Greg Wetzel, in the 800 m and Steve Sanko in the 
1500 and 5000 meter. Patterson finished 7th. to become 
the first indoor track All American. Outdoors he 
won a gold in the high jump. Qualifying for the 
Outdoor NCAA Championships were Patterson in 
triple jump, Jose Miranda in the 5000m. and Dave 
Berdan in the 1000 m. Says Bennett of this year's 
team: "We have improved so much since I came as 
freshman, and its exciting to be a part of that. The 
amount of potential this team has will lead to great 
accomplishments and a legacy to live up to." 

The Women's team had an equally successful season. 
Etown finished fourth in both the indoor and outdoor 
MAC Championships. They continued to have a strong 
performance all year. Etown won six medals with a 
combined effort from Jill Probst in the 800 m, Melissa 
St. Clair in the 5000 m, and the 4x400 and distance 
medley relay team. Carrie Kerna again proved to be the 
backbone of th team during both seasons, qualifying for 
the NCAA hurdles event and winning five gold medals. 
Erin Lichti won four medals, to earn the Rookie of the 
Year award. Anna Kent scored in three throwing events 
and Jamie Nace earned points in jumping in their first 
collegiate season. The highlight of the season was the 
3rd place finish in the 4x400m team race at the 
prestigious Perm Relay Carnival. Senior captain Jessica 
Russell said. "Hard work combined with comroderie can 
only lead to success." 

-Keith Greenawalt and Eric Bennett 

2003 Women's Team 

Team includes:Taryn Barker. Jill Probst, 
Betsy Burroughs. Danielle Frye, Lindsey 
Gruenawald. Kelly Harris, Liz Heppard, Anna 
Kent. Carrie Kerna, Ashley Klees. Bri Lmbert, 
Kristin Lander, Erin Lichti, Jess Lind, Casey 
Moser, Jamie Nace, Kristen Pettibon, Jess 
Popp. Sarah Rever, Jessica Russell, Melissa 
St. Clair, Amanda Santore, Crystal Tracy, 
Rachel Vogt, Kim Whalen 

2003 Men's Team 

Team includes: Eric Bennett. Ryan Beltz. 
Dave Berdan, Pablo Callejas. Darren 
DeAngelis. Mike Galli. Keith 
Greenawalt. Rob Hickox. Aaron Lyle, 
Josh Lyman, Matt Miller, Jose Miranda. 
Nate Moore. Joe Moses, Sean Mulcahy. 
Jason Patterson. Nick Patterson. Matt 
Rockwell. Steve Sanko. Dustin Scott, Al 
Uliana. Derrick Washington. Greg 
Wetzel. Chris Williams. Mike Zwatty 

176 Sports 

The relay winners pose with their gold 

Jason Patterson warms up before the 
track meet. 

Jess Popp shows her pole vault talents. 

The Men's relay team poses for a pic- 
ture after their victory. 

Sports 177 

"This season was bittersweet for us. We really 

pulled together as a team and showed promise 

for the future, we missed the playoffs by one 

-Dave Eshleman 

Everlasting Achievements 

Men's Lacrosse 

2003 marked the second season for 
Elizabethtown Mens' lacrosse. Chuck Maloy had 
high expectations coming into the season, and 
recieved another solid perfomance from his team 
with captains, Brian Miller, Justin Griffey, and 
Jason Wolensky who lead Etown to an overall 
record of 7-7 and 5-4 in the MAC's. 

Blue Jay Lacrosse continued to grow throughout 
the season, which allowed the team to put up 
plenty of victories over rival teams. Sophomore 
Dave Eshleman reflected on the season as being 
another solid team effort. "This season was bitter- 
sweet for us. We really pulled together as a team 
and showed promise for the future, we missed the 
playoffs by one goal." 

Leading in points were sophomores Allen Churchman 
and Matt Newell, with 32 and 30 points respectively. 
Sophomore defender, Chris McCrea, enjoyed another 
successful season, and was named to the All-Middle 
Atlantic Conference Men's Lacrosse First Team. He 
contributed to the defense with 56 ground balls, and 
started in 14 games. Another highlight this season 
was seen in a shut-out victory over rival Drew College. 
Blue Jay goalie Chris Swierczek lead the team to 
victory with 15 saves. 

With another successful season behind the Jays, the 
men's lacrosse team will certainly be heading into the 
2004 season full steam ahead. This close knit group 
of guys always put up a fight to the last minute. 

-Pete Simon 

2003 Men's Lacrosse 

Mike Dunn, Chris Swierczek, 
Allen Churchman, Brian Burke. 
Justin McQuaid, J.B. Sheridan, 
Chase Kulp, Tom Fillipo. Drew 
Ward; Row 2: Matt Newell, An- 
drew Johnson, Chris McCrea, 
Brian Ginter, Tom Welch, Justin 
Griffey, Ryan Leister, Elliot 
Edwards, Kyle VanHelmond. 
Bryan Miller; Row 3: Wade 
Clevenger, Matt Koehler, Dave 
Eshleman, Jason Wolensky, Steve 
Deavor. Matt Seiboth. Mason 
Wallace, Mike DiBartolomeo 

178 Sports 

J.B. Sheridan is on the defensive. 

Matt Newell waits for his chance to 
steal the ball from the opponent. 

Matt Sieboth makes his way onto the 

Jason Wolensky helps Chris 
Swierczek guard the goal. 

Sports 179 

"Much of what we have accom- 
plished has been because of Coach 
Seward and her constant belief in 
us and our program." 
-Sarah Scholl 

Everlasting Achievements 

Women's Lacrosse 

This season, the women's lacrosse team 
has had many accomplishments and re- 
wards. Not only has every individual on 
the team improved greatly from the begin- 
ning of the season, but the 19 ladies who 
have chosen to be a part of the team have 
grown and developed together forming a 
strong unit by the closure of the season. 
Throughout the season, there were many 
hardships presented to the team from the 
lack of a goalie, to a thick sheet of ice on 
the turf, and a new coach. What is unique 
and different about this young team at 
Elizabethtown College is the way the ladies 
pulled together and stepped up their deter- 
mination to do whatever necessary. 

Sarah Scholl, a midfield player said, "We 
worked hard on and off the field creating an 
atmosphere of determination and incredible 
spirit. Having improved 100% upon last 
season we plan on doing it again." 

Coach Seward has been a terrific asset to 
the team. She was able to take each player 
and make their talent shine creating a tough 
and strong unit. Amanda Simpson, another 
midfield player, sums up this season in these 
words, "I think we had alot of fun. We put in 
hard work and dedication, even though our 
record wasn't winning, to us we know what 
we accomplished. These are my best friends, 
and we did this, together!" 

-Michelle Collier 

2003 Women's Lacrosse 

Team includes: Ashley Owen, Liz 
Fretz, Meghen Riegger, Stephanie 
Boyle, Ally Edel, Michelle Collier, 
Jignasha Patel, Jennifer Smith, Lisa 
Marquette; Row 2: Dana White, Tessa 
Troop, Sarah Scholl, Sarah McGee, 
Lauren Ferrarelli, Jenn Manns, 
Amanda Simpson, Leah Robinson, 
Jackie Brenton, Coach Aimee Seward 

180 Sports 

Jen Manns runs to help her team- 
mates through! the intense action in 
front of the net. 

The Lady Jays get excited before play- 
ing Wilkes. 

Jackie Brenton screams down the turf. 

Meghen Riegger and Jennifer Smith 
assist in stopping a goal. 

Sports 181 



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and 'Blue Bean Drought Both students and faculty together. T'his year will not he 
forgotten. Studens and faculty were brought together by the central location, onCy to 
see what a perpetual resource the building andthe people will become for the future of 
Tlziabethtown. A rainy homecoming started the years festivities, white 
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T'CftS and finals week flew by, we are different people, have met new faces, and become 
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better. 'But as the year comes to an end, the possibilities do not. Tor just like our 
talents they are infinite and alive in allot us whether we are returning for another 
year or moving on in our journey, (goals have been achieved, a new class has come 
together andthe Class of 2003 plans to leave for the real world, with eternal bonds to 

friends, teachers and classmates. T'he editors and contributors of lUe Conestogan 
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hours of hard work and dedication; we hope you enjoy the memories] 

T>eidra Crone and Melissa Woodruff 

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